Water on Mars

ice-palaceTEA Volume 11 compilation artist and urban music band water on mars (WOM) was formed in Quebec City in the fall of 2003. DJ Claude Rajotte makes a great review of the album on CBC radio. “How refreshing ! Someone capable of evoking the myth of Faust through references to Robert Johnson, while spicing it all with Pink Floyd 21st century style and bits of Holger Czukay, certainly deserves our attention !” WOM is all about postrock and ambient sound, with a clear genius for a concise, discrete, and efficient adaptation of some of the best pages of psychedelic garage rock. TEA just loves this fresh ambient sound! See videos on myspace.

The information below is regarding two of WOM releases…Mannah is WOM’s first record. Recorded in a church on analog equipment, Mannah is the result of hundreds of hours of subsequent digital editing and mixing. The purpose was to blend the warm vintage tones of yesterday’s recording techniques with the precision of modern day computerized editing.

water-on-mars-albumDelta is an 11-track electro-rock seague that revisits the faustian myth as lived by Robert Johnson. Delta blends 78 RPM samples, sixties psychedelic guitars, seventies analog keyboards, in a mix and rhythm inspired by techno. A deft use of buried tracks, tape effects and micro-electronics makes for many years of intrigued listening. Delta has obtained great critical success. The track “Gizeh” hits number one on Bandeapart.fm’s interactive charts, and number 5 on the Baromètre charts (Quebec indy radio network). Gizeh is chosen on the compilation CD of DJ Marco G. The track ‘ole man’ was selected on the yearly compilation CD ‘Québec Émergent 2007’ as well as on the TEA South Compilation Volume 11.

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