Tribe 11

tribe-11-group3Tribe 11 fans compare the bands music to classic acts like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd mixed with later influences like Jane’s Addiction, the Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead and Queens of the Stone Age. Yet, Tribe 11 is no re-hashed imitation. Fans and critics agree that Tribe 11’s impressive debut forges a path all its own.

Fusing aspects of alternative, classic rock, prog rock, folk, and blues, there is a constant tension in Tribe 11’s music that pushes and pulls between a bubbling simmer and an explosive boiling over. “Both elements are always there,” according to Steven Webster(lead singer). “Even when the guitars are screaming and the band is at full throttle, there are still the simmering subtleties that can be heard in the background. This is essential to me because it connects the music to the lyrics, both of which should be a journey toward clarity – not something that is appealing only at a surface level and then quickly becomes tiring, forgotten.”

tribe-11-giffing1In this vein, Webster cites his approach to music as his same philosophical approach to life generally. “I am inspired by the writings of Simone Weil and the implications behind ideas like ‘superstring theory.’ They instill in me the idea that only in the quiet absence of everything is it possible to perceive anything, while, in the noisy abundance of everything there is an overwhelming

Tribe 11 are featured on the TEA Volume 10 compilation CD and  performed a unique and passionate set at the 2009 TEA Summer Showcase held at the Rivoli on Saturday July 18, 2009.

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