Toronto Star Review – Andrew Spice – TEA Volume 2

Andrew Spice – John Terauds “What’s On Editor” The Toronto Star

Thank goodness for Canada’s steady supply of low-key, intelligent, sweet-and-bitter indie singer/songwriters. Andrew Spice, a 22 year old Winnipeg born singer/keyboard player is quietly beginning to make a name for himself in our city. Spice is one of 18 diverse acts participating in a showcase of performers under the Toronto Experimental Artists umbrella (the bill has a bit of everything, from prog-rock to ska to punk)

There is a powerful emotional depth to the surface simplicity of the lyrics on Spice’s recent 10-track debut album – Pretty Demons, On the record, Spice is backed up on bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion and organ by Emm Gryner, for whom he has no end of praise. “She’s done so much for me,” he says. “I met her for the first time when Emm opened for Alanis Morissette in a Winnipeg arena six years ago” After listening to his music Emm suggested Spice put together a demo recording – which led eventually to Gryner producing Pretty Demons……

John Terauds editor The Toronto Star – sample portion of review

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