The Weak Need

weak-need1TEA Volume 15 artists The Weak Need are currently working on a new album. You can hear one of their new songs on the up and coming TEA Volume 15 compilation CD release on January 3, 2012.

If COLDPLAY, PINK FLOYD and THORNLEY all hung out and decided to make an album, it would sound just like The Weak Need’s  debut band release entitled “Restitution.” This eclectic group of guys who’s style and influence range from jazz to 80’s electronic, to power punk have found one vision, one dream, one band that they all believe in. They are: The Weak Need A high energy pop act being regularly compared to such bands as Keane, Coldplay, Muse, Pilot Speed and U2. Their emotive delivery at their live shows has their fans saying that they were “blown away” and “speechless” afterwards. “They are like the Coldplay of Canada.” Sean (Lead vocals and Keyboards) himself is quoted as saying “I love Keane and Coldplay and I really like their sound but honestly, I don’t listen to them a lot of the time because I don’t want to start writing like they do. I’m totally influenced by their sound, but I really try to take it somewhere totally different.” Different indeed.

weak-need-albumIt is easy to hear the 80’s influence of bands like The Cure, The Smiths, Brian Ferry, and U2, along with newer bands like One Republic, and Never Ending White Lights washing through The Weak Need as the listener is bathed in Croley’s unique intimate vocals, textured harmonies and intricately woven lyrics.

“There is no other band in Canada with a sound like you guys” says Juno award-winning producer, J. Richard Hutt.

The Weak Need performed a well liked and powerful set at the TEA Summer Showcase on Saturday July 18, 2009 at the Rivoli on Queen Street. They are also on the TEA Volume 12 and 15 compilation releases. New material will be showcased on the up and coming TEA Volume 15 compilation CD release.

Listen to The Weak Need

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  1. I saw these guys at the Tattoo Rock Parlour in April and I’m not kidding, they were THE BEST band of the night and they were the first ones on. Their music is (best I can describe) powerful and very deep.

    Go see them if you haven’t yet. You will not regret it !!!!

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