The Ormidales

The Ormidales colourTwo intrepid songwriters, Bill Oliver and Mark Branscombe, living in East Vancouver got together after a lengthy absence to rekindle the creative stew and come up with some new songs. The spark appeared and this offering is what manifested after several months of stray thoughts in morning traffic, re-writes, divine inspirational moments and the circulation of cool new creative juices. Their intent and vision was to create songs that meandered through genres and sounds of pop music that had inspired and excited them to begin playing music as kids. A chance meeting with producer P.D Wohl and a few happy experiments proved to be fateful in allowing their muse to be channeled into their collection of songs .

These Little Dreams CDThe Ormidales have released two CD’s, The self titled “The Ormidales” and their new release “These Little Dreams”. They have both been well received and receive airplay throughout Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and Asia. They were recently featured on the popular radio shows George Noory’s Coast To Coast and Erskine Overnight which resulted in airplay in every state and across Canada. Their music will appear in an upcoming reality series distributed by Extreme Entertainment, produced by Greg Donis (Ann Murray Story and Bryan Adams Juno Tribute).They are presently nominated for song of the year with Radio Six International with their infectious “What Am I Supposed To Do” The Ormidales offer a unique sound that results from their love for multi genre music and the refusal to be boxed into one style .

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