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Hello TEA Compilation Artists

Indie ShowThe Indie Show has just partnered with a new television network that is part of a world market of over 30 stations in over 30 countries. If would like to include your songs in this year’s rotation of unsigned and indie bands, go to:

The Indie Show television event will be filmed and broadcast from Las Vegas, Nevada. Artists that have qualified for the event will receive food, lodging, and a travel allowance during filming. The overall winner of the Indie Show will win a recording contract or cash, a one year video promotion agreement, and other prizes. Every entrant will receive phenomenal worldwide exposure.

This is the reality television event of the year! It’s not only a great way to build a larger fan base, It could be the chance of a lifetime. Entry is free. To enter:

Best regards,

Beau Blankenship
Executive Producer

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  1. More info regarding the Indie Show Contest…

    Now here are some tips on getting to the TOP TEN:

    First you need song and video plays. Here is a quick way to get your fans to the site:

    We have a very nice program for inviting your friends from your email or from places like myspace, facebook, ect.

    When you are logged in, exit your control panel. You will be on the home page. Look up at the top right of the page under the “News” button you will see an “invite friends” link.

    Click this link. You will be asked for your email logon and password for the website you are choosing to add friends from. Your login info is not stored on our site; so feel safe. 🙂

    Once you have chosen which friends you would like to invite, you should probably include a message like:

    We are on a new reality television show. Help us win! You can find us on this page: (this address would be your artist page url)

    This is just an example. You can write what you think is best.

    Second, here is a link on creating a buzz on line:

    This is a great opportunity for a lot of you. Don’t let it pass you by. The Indie Show television event will be big! Not only will it be seen virtually everywhere; We also have the technology to broadcast to movie theaters. Red carpet events will be hosted in key cities across the country. Imagine your band being seen on the Big Screen!

    Today a band or artist needs to market themselves to get noticed. This is your chance!

    Best regards,

    Beau Blankenship
    Executive Producer
    The Indie Show

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