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kate-with-winnerKatelyn Dawn: I would like to highly recommend TEA South for promoting independent artists. My experience with TEA South was excellent. They worked very hard at promoting their artists to radio as well as to their fans through their website. I was able to do a few interviews on radio, which helped to promote my music. Recently I was on Canadian Idol and they supported me 100% & also promoted me on their site during that time. When you have something exciting going on in your career, you can count on TEA South to support you, publicize and promote you. It is a great tool to get your music out to people who might not hear you otherwise. I would highly recommend getting involved with TEA South to anyone considering it.
– Katelyn Dawn – Canadian Idol – top 16 – TEA Volumes 10 & 14

Johnny Shoes: When asking for the help of a small company such as TEA South, it is always a little concerning to not know how much they can really help you and what doors they can open. However, right from the start the amazing people at TEA make you feel at ease. They assure you that just because their company is still growing does not mean they don’t have dreams as big as any of us (the artists), whose dreams and aspirations are fairly big! TEA works so hard johnshoesbwlightto do the best they can for every artist and the more I work with them, the more they continue to prove to me how much they really do care about each and every one of us. If you are in a band that deserves more recognition and distribution, do not even hesitate to work with TEA. I will definitely work with TEA and TEA artists much more throughout my musical career, and I encourage artists who are looking to break into the scene and make it somewhere to do the same thing. To the staff at TEA, Thank you for everything, I look forward to more and more good times and great results!   – Johnny Shoes

Bain Anderson – Putting the “TEA” back into TEAm. What’s in your cup? A LOT! A great deal goes into launching and sustaining a musical career. With all TEAms there are players and with all players there most certainly are stars, but many players on a TEAm do not get much of the credit. Clay Phillips and the staff at TEA are those players that have the sometimes thankless job of pursuing, supporting, and promoting the artists on their compilations. When I first considered joining TEA the 2 biggest things that sealed the deal for me was that this is their 14th release (they’ve been around the block!) and that some artists have been on multiple releases (meaning they had a great experience). I would highly recommend the multitude of services that TEA has to offer. Remember, behind every artist there always is a great TEAm. – Bain Anderson

weak-needThe Weak Need: I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to everyone at TEA South. When you had initially approached us about TEA Volume 12, we (the band) talked a fair bit about it, and decided to go for it, and are we ever glad that we did. From day one, the friendliness and service from you has been exceptional. There has also been a significant increase in our website traffic and our myspace page as well since the release of TEA 12 which is a strong testament to your dedication and hard work towards putting out a quality product. Thanks so much for everything.
– The Weak Need

Phillip Hong: TEA CD compilations were of great help in forming a new audience for us here at SRN Mediaworks. Before then, we thought that indie was a less than professional format, but TEA was a great help in proving us wrong by providing us with some of their best. Since we first became partners, our listeners have embraced the professionally produced quality of TEA music. Listen to SRN Live Stream
– Phillip Hong, SRN Mediaworks

Jonathan Cooke: “Having my song Talk All Night selected for TEA South’s compilation CD gave me exposure to press and radio that would have been difficult to obtain on my own. It was also great to be selected to perform at the showcase event at one of Toronto’s most venerable rock institutions, the Rivoli. I recommend TEA South to any indie artist who is looking for help and support to break into the music scene.”
– Jonathan Cooke

Mickael Maddison: TEA is really kicking…the support you’ve offered your artists is fanatical. May the indie world bring down the big labels and let guys like you keep pushing the envelope forward. – Mickeal Maddison

bob-rylettBob Rylett: To be included on the TEA South Volume 12 compilation CD has been a fantastic experience. It has exposed my music to many hundreds of contacts in the industry and has opened new doors to explore that I didn’t know existed. I have been included amongst great talent that not only increases credibility, but also gives me the drive to write, record and test myself even more. I would recommend to any one given the opportunity, to join a TEA South compilation and see the results for yourself.
– Bob Rylett

China Syndrome: Thanks for all your hard work and we’ve already gotten some very positive feedback about our track submitted. By the way, the CD itself is great, we’re so pleased to be a part of something that’s of such high quality.

Mark Healey: As a new artist, TEA south helped me open many doors in the music industry, not to mention, acquiring a very valuable learning experience when it comes to promoting one’s music. TEA south has exposed me to many radio stations in Canada and internationally, setting up interviews with the SRN Network and another up and coming interview with KJAG radio in April, 2008. Music has become a second career for me…and TEA south has definitely opened up a whole new world for me! THANK YOU! – Mark Healey

Robbie Cooper: I was very impressed by all the quality artists on the TEA Volume 4 compilation CD. Rarely have I listened to a compilation CD of unknown bands and enjoyed the wide variety of talent. Great songs and many genres, this was totally unexpected.
– Robbie Cooper

ice-palacewater on mars: I’m usually the typical around the corner person who sneers at 90 % of the DIY output out there (and I shouldn’t, since I’m part of that, but that’s another story) but I have to say, this is one really good compilation CD.
– phillippe

Mike Criscione: These guys really go the extra mile to get the job done right. They detected a subtle digital glitch in a master I had submitted for a compilation CD they were producing. The glitch was something that I missed in my haste to meet a deadline. In short, these guys care about your music and find beauty in its details.” – Mike Criscione

Ranj Singh: Since the release of TEA Volume 12 I have noticed a steady increase in traffic on my website. The journey so far has been rewarding and it is a great feeling to know all the years of effort have resulted in adding a bit more spice to the Masala. – Ranj Singh

Keelime: We’re always grateful to receive feedback, where industry cats have taken the time to actually listen to our material. It’s well-appreciated. – Lou Rolli


Patricia Eyre: Niel Young finally picked it up. Go to www.neilyoung.com, Look at the right side of his web page right at the top. Under songs of the times, click on top 300 songs, go to song #227. I’m so freakin’ happy I was crying when I saw it there. I owe you a big thank you, for all the work you did for me. THANK YOU Clay.
– Patricia Eyre

fornequiumFornequiem: I’m very impressed with your organization. You are far and away the most organized, proactive promotion person I’ve dealt with.
– Steve Jones – Fornequiem

SLM Records: I thank God for Tea South! TEA really put SLM Records music on the map in Canada. TEA SOUTH is one of the best radio promotion companies out there !!!! – Stan Gibson, CEO – SLM Records

Jory Rose: I needed to increase my radio exposure across Canada and the world, so I turned to TEA for their promotions / packages / radio tracking services. I have had great responses – from places as far away as Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, etc. Thanks TEA! – Jory Rose

Bob Rylett: The TEA South experience is exceptional. Here you have a dedicated group of music loving people, talented, resourceful and experienced with the goal of getting your music heard. And you will be heard. You will be listened to by interested ears looking for new music, and new songs. So, if you believe in your magic, let TEA South get you and your songs heard. – Bob Rylett

Outspoken: You are one of the most professional and kindest promoter/organizers we have ever dealt with. Honestly, you were great! We hope to work with you more! – Anthony Mascarin – Outspoken


Common Gound:  This sounds amazing, words can’t even describe how much I truly love this. Karl and yourself are amazinggg!!!!.  – Nick Fedor

An Honest Mistake: Just commenting to say you did an outstanding job on An Honest Mistakes EP “Sunken Ship Sunset”. Everyone was extremely pleased with the final results.
– Cory LaSalle

ymeYvonne-Marie Evans: “You start with a vision and a sound that you are aiming for and these guys help bring that vision to life. The sound they can produce from their equipment is anything from a subtle breeze to a thunderbolt in a lightning storm.”
– Yvonne-Marie Evans

Scott Helfrich: I have been performing and engineering for 15 years, and having the boys to watch your back is irreplaceable. You can’t catch everything, but with these guys working with you, you can get as close to what you really hear as possible. Along with knowing the equipment and techniques, they also take the time to really know your music. This, as far as I’m concerned, puts them head and eardrums above the rest. – Scott Helfrich

Various TEA Services

jamil1Jamil: The TEA Summer Showcase was one of the best run shows I’ve had the privilege to play. Congrats to Clay and his team for putting together a great night of live music!
– Jamil

Bacon: “We had a good feeling about TEA…, Thanks for all your support and keep spinning those tunes!
– Bacon

Canclone: TEA (Toronto Experimental Artists) have provided our company with many fine services associated with music business promotion. We have worked with T.E.A. on audio and video projects, CD and DVD duplication and promotional print pieces. Their fine attention to the details of a project and the enthusiasm that they bring to any job makes our job easier and faster. TEA get the job done on time and I would highly recommend their services to any music business professional.
– Candi McNeil President (CanClone Services Inc.)