myspaceTEA has been on myspace for many years and we would like to rename our myspace website to TEAspace due to the recent collapse of myspace. The sole purpose of the TEAspace website is to feature our top 10 picks from each TEA Volume compilation CD. The choices are very hard for the TEA Staff to make since we are very close to all music on our compilations. Each TEA Staffer will pick two of their favorite artists from each compilation. Currrently, the top 10 picks for TEA Volume 15 are now posted and they are…

  1. Sarah Troy
  2. Bain Anderson
  3. Trevor Davies
  4. 49 Parallels
  5. Dana-Marie Battaglia
  6. Naria
  7. Morris 8
  8. Kim Esty
  9. Marshall Potts
  10. Neil Chapman

Feel free to leave a comment on these great tracks from TEA Volume 15. Just click on the header TEAspace.

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