TEA Showcases

showcase-loopTEA Showcases are held at Toronto’s most venerable rock institution, the Rivoli. Our next showcase date and schedule will be posted right here and on the TEA News page in the near future. Hosted by our new showcase sponsors Indietalent Canada(Media Consumption Group / Music Helps Canada) and SRN Mediaworks, the future showcases will be multimedia events going live to radio with artist interviews and followup radio broadcasts. Listen to the great music, dine on eclectic global comfort food, enjoy some people watching on the Queen Street patio, or play some pool. Whatever you do, make sure you make it out to the next TEA Showcase.

About the Rivoli: The Rivoli was synonymous with Toronto’s black-garbed Queen West scene (Mike Myers’s Saturday Night Live). This reputation has changed as much as the club’s clientele, but the Riv’s atmosphere is still unique. Bare Naked Ladies, Molly Johnson, Cowboy Junkies, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Blue Rodeo, The Kids in the Hall,  Ron Sexsmith, Jane Siberry, Kathleen Edwards, Sarah Harmer, Sean Cullen, Handsome Ned, Hawksley Workman, and so many more talented Canadian artists have started their careers and/or graced the Rivoli stage – some like Feist even worked the bar at one point. International stars like Beck, Indigo Girls, Iggy Pop, Janeane Garofalo, Josh Ritter, Patty Smyth, Courtney Love, Tori Amos, Michelle Shocked, Robin Williams and others have also performed at the Riv.

TEA Showcase Scheduling

rivoli-logo All bands performing will be interviewed during the course of the evening. Filming, live recording, radio interviews and photography will be ongoing throughout TEA showcases and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You can view showcase pictures at the TEA Gallery page.

| Loading – 6:00 pm | Sound check – 6:30 pm | First full band act – 8:00 pm | Doors open – 8:00 pm | M.C.’s – Phillip Hong & Darell Yarek |

1. Act 1 –  8:00 pm –  Outspoken
2. Act 2 –  8:45 pm  – Johnny Shoes
3. Act 3 –  9:30 pm  – Power Boxx
4. Act 4 – 10:15 pm – The Weak Need
5. Act 5 – 11:00 pm – Katelyn Dawn
6. Act 6 – 11:45 pm – Tribe 11
7. Act 7 – 12:30 pm – Matthew de Zoete


TEA Showcase Set Up

stage-set-upTEA always provides the drum kit and amps for the Rivoli main stage. The kit will be a Yamaha 5 piece with all stands, 1 ride, 2 crashes, hi-hats, and drum stool. If you choose to add more cymbals, your choice of snare, or toms, please bring stands and have your modified set-up prepared before your band set-up change time. We strongly suggest drummers bring their own drum throne/seat.

  • All Artists – 30 minute sets – 15 minute set-up time
  • Please bring your choice of keyboards, cables, amp heads, twins, effects, D.I. Boxes etc
  • All microphones, stands and P.A. with sound and light engineer will be provided
  • Amp gear provided for the Rivoli main-stage / 1 Fender Twin / 1 Ampeg Bass Head & 4×10 Cabinet

TEA Showcase Tickets

TEA Showcase Tickets

TEA Showcase tickets are sold for $10.00 CAD in advance and at the door. If you are selected to perform tickets will be mailed to you along with band passes and other information.  Please try to sell as many tickets as you can before the showcase date, and encourage as many people to come out to the showcase as possible to help ensure a great turnout.

Dedicated Showcase Website

at-sign1SRN Mediaworks have created a dedicated website to feature the TEA Summer Showcase and all showcase performers. SRN will be conducting artist interviews, recording live audio, video and photographing the event. They  will be airing the showcase to radio in the months to come. A big heartfelt thank you goes out to Phillip Hong for all of his hard work in creating this website and preperations to feature the TEA Summer Showcase and all performers. You can also view video and pics at the Gallery page where we archive all TEA showcases.


spadina-and-bulwer-sizedThe Rivoli is a landmark hot spot on Queen St. West in downtown Toronto located at 334 Queen Street West. The closest intersection is Spadina and Queen. The Rivoli Restaurant serves eclectic global comfort food; the Pool Hall upstairs offers vintage tables, full menu and comfy booths; the best people watching in town goes down on the Patio, while the Rivoli’s Back room features some of the finest music and comedy in town. When you are looking to drop off your gear, go to the back alley street location of Bulmer & Spadina and drive down Bulmer until you see the Rivoli sign marking the rear entrance. For more information call 416.596.1908

Rivoli rear entrance
Rear Entrance

Front Entrance
Front Entrance

Patio action

Rivoli Sign
Rivoli Sign

Rivoli Stage
Rivoli Sta