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Naria / Ambitious
Songwriter: Katya Tchoubar  (SOCAN)
Producers: Dima Graziani / Katya Tchoubar
email address: operanaria@yahoo.ca
website address: www.nariagroup.com
phone contact: 416.727.2143








49 Parallels / Mother Earth
Songwriter / Producer: N. Robidoux  (SOCAN/BMI)
email address: hammerheadproductions@shaw.ca
website address: www.49parallels.com
phone contact: 778.474.0020

Sarah Troy / Arson
Songwriter: Sarah Troy Clark  (SOCAN)
Producer: Josh Rob Gwilliam
email address: info@sarahtroy.com
website address: www.sarahtroy.com
phone contact: 403.835.3385

Trevor Davies / Nostalgic
Songwriter / Producer: Trevor Davies  (SOCAN/ASCAP)
email address: info@trevordavies.ca
website address: http://trevordavies.ca
phone contact: 438.401.7114

Morris 8 / Captivated
Songwriter / Producer:  John Alexander MacRae  (SOCAN)
email address: music@morris8.com
website address:  www.morris8.com

Kim Esty / One More Night
Songwriters / Producers: Kim Esty / Richard Uglow  (SOCAN)
email address: kimesty@idirect.com
website address: www.kimesty.com
phone contact: 416.747.4646

Neil Chapman & BIGROCKENDING / Cool Corner
Songwriter:  Neil Chapman  (SOCAN)
Producers: Carl Andre Petzelt / Neil Chapman
email address: neilgitman@rogers.com
website address: www.neilchapman.ca
phone contact: 416.605.9056

Bain Anderson / My Bad
Songwriter / Producer: Bain Anderson  (SOCAN)
email address: bainandersonmusic@hotmail.com
website address: http://www.myspace.com/bainanderson
phone contact: 778.989.8929

Marshall Potts / Out Here
Songwriter / Producer: Marshall Potts  (SOCAN)
email address: info@marshallpotts.com
website address: www.marshallpotts.com
phone contact: 604.613.6069

The Weak Need / I Believe
Songwriter / Producer: Sean Croley  (SOCAN)
email address: info@theweakneed.com
website address: www.theweakneed.com
phone contact: 519.571.7166

DTIDream Trance Invasion(DTI) / Rest from the Tech
Songwriters: Phillips / Machat  SOCAN
Producers: Phillips / Machat
email address: info@teasouth.com
website address: www.cdbaby.com/cd/dti
phone contact: 416.251.1501

Dana-Marie Battaglia / The Struggle To Forgive
Songwriter: Dana-Marie Battaglia (SOCAN)
Producer: John MacArthur Ellis
email address: contact@dana-marie.ca
website address: www.dana-marie.ca
phone contact: 604.892.9224

Nicholas Fedor / My Diamond Kyte
Songwriter: Nicholas Fedor  (SOCAN)
Producers: Phillips / Machat
email address: sfedor@rogers.com
website address: nickfedor@uwo.ca
phone contact: 416.882.6722

Dennis Mouck / Back To You
Songwriter: Dennis Mouck  (SOCAN)
Producers: James Pew / Adam Campbell
email address: dennismouck@gmail.com
website address: www.dennismouck.com
phone contact: 289.407.7784

Glen Koide / My Melody
Songwriter: Glen Koide  (SOCAN)
Producers: Glen Koide / Taylor Blackstock
email address: glenkoide@hotmail.com
website address: www.radio3.cbc.ca/bands/glen-koide
phone contact: 250.718.5256

Random Dander / Greenwood Charlie
Songwriters: Chornick / Kelly / Hoy / Mendonca / Aishison / Kokoszka
Producers: Josh VonHardenburg / Jeff Ryan
email address: randomdander@gmail.com
website address: www.randomdander.com
phone contact: 604.854.9085

Ken Foster / Better Place To Stand
Songwriter: Ken Foster (BMI)
Producers: Ken Foster / Dan Broadbeck
email address: ken.foster@sympatico.ca
website address: www.kenfosterband.com
phone contact: 705.715.6228

Erth Juce / Meltdown
Songwriters: Weatherbee / Leth-Steensen / Nunes / Carriere  (SOCAN)
Producers: Weatherbee / Leth-Steensen / Kanwisher
email address: erthjuce@erthjuce.com
website address: www.erthjuce.com
phone contact: 613.739.9070

Descendant / Sins Of Youth
Songwriters: Descendant
Producer: Mike Bond
email address: descendantband@hotmail.com
website address: www.myspace.com/descendantband
phone contact: 613.863.6879

James Ashberry / Everything All The Time
Songwriter / Producer: James Ashberry (SOCAN)
email address: james@ashberrymusic.com
website address: www.ashberrymusic.com
phone contact: 416.556.4632