TEA Volume 14 Released – Jan 14, 2010

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Released - Jan 14, 2010

TEA Volume 14 was released to radio, print, film and internet media contacts on Thursday January 14, 2010. How can you  help spread the awareness?

1)  Spread the word about TEA V 14 to any media contacts you may know from past successes or networking. If they are interested in copies of TEA V 14 when completed, please let us know and we will send them a copy.

2)  Post info on your website regarding TEA V 14. A small pic of the comp with a link can help bring more awareness. You can always add TEA V 14 to your discography as well to keep people informed of all your releases.

3)  Please link to our website if at all possible. It is always a good idea to link up with community, contacts and connections.

4)  Add yourself to the TEA myspace, TEAwitter and TEAbook social networking websites if you haven’t done so already.

5)  Use the power of your social networking sites to spread awareness of this release.

If you have some time to spare, please help spread awareness of the TEA V 14 release. We will go a  long way as a unified team and community.

Many Thanks – TEA Staff

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