TEA Showcase 2009

POWER 2A big heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the TEA showcase artists who performed at this years TEA Summer Showcase 2009. Katelyn Dawn Matthew de Zoete, Power Boxx, The Weak Need, Outspoken, Johnny Shoes and Tribe 11. We had a very good turnout and everyone in attendance thoroughly enjoyed the incredible artists that performed at this years showcase.  We could not have organized this years event without our sponsors SRN Mediaworks and all of the TEA South staff who worked very hard to run and organize the showcase. We will be posting pictures of the showcase performers in the coming weeks at the  SRN Mediaworks dedicated TEA Showcase website portal 148.ca. Some showcase pictures have already been posted at the TEA gallery. More information will be forthcoming in regards to the TEA Showcase radio show and syndication through SRN Mediaworks. Congratulations to Power Boxx who won the Digital Downloads promotion package for the top ticket sales. Thank you to everyone for a magnificent show. See you next year!

outspoken1TEA Volume 10 compilation artists Outspoken are a pop-punk band with a twist of alternative indie-rock. They are one of those independent bands that help fans fall back in love with music. They have been featured in many international and domestic magazines and have graced many stages with their heroes and icons.

johnshoesbwlightTEA Volume 13 compilation artist Johnny Shoes has had 6 short years in the music business with the main goal of being the best he can possibly be at his craft. “I can’t get enough of it, and not just playing either, the learning aspect too. It’s why I wake up in the morning and what I plan to do for the rest of my life…no not make it big and famous.”

power-box-small1Power Boxx deliver a powerful hard rock sound and inspiring live show. Lead singer Phil Naro is well known for his writing and recording with Peter Criss of Kiss and performing as lead singer for Coney Hatch in the 1980’s. The chemistry in Power Boxx is what glues this band together. Don’t miss their powerful live performance at the TEA Summer Showcase.

weak-need1This eclectic group of guys who’s style and influence range from jazz to 80’s electronic, to power punk have found one vision, one dream, one band that they all believe in. They are: The Weak Need A high energy pop act being compared to such bands as  Coldplay, Muse, Pilot Speed and U2. Their emotive delivery at their live shows has their fans saying that they were “blown away”.

katelyn showcaseTEA Volume 10 artist Katelyn Dawn makes the top 16 on Canadian Idol. What has Katelyn been doing since Canadian Idol? – Katelyn recently released her 2nd album, ‘The Window’. The new album, produced by Chris Burke-Gaffney (Chantal Kreviazuk) & Dale Penner (Nickelback) combines an organic sunny roots-pop sound, with hummable melodies and jangly hooks.

tribe-11-group1Fusing aspects of alternative, classic rock, prog rock, folk, and blues, there is a constant tension in Tribe 11’s music that pushes and pulls between a bubbling simmer and an explosive boiling over. Tribe 11 fans compare the bands music to classic acts like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd mixed with later influences like Jane’s Addiction, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Radiohead.

matthew-de-zoeteA singularly talented and all-around stand-up guy, Matthew de Zoete is helping pop-rock recover its lost sense of dignity and self-worth. The 27-year-old from Hamilton, Ontario, approaches his craft much like an Old World artisan, applying a loving hand to songs who’s melodic invention and attention to detail consistently catch the listener off guard.

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