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TEA (Toronto Experimental Artists) began with label guys Clay Phillips and Mark Harrington over 17 years ago, “TEA Artists and musicians pooled themselves together with their resources and skills to help promote their works in an affordable way. Pooled resources include many of the TEA services today: recording, mastering, graphic design, photography, radio promotion, film/TV placement, record label development, CD manufacturing, compilation CDs, consulting etc. When we first began to work together, we found it difficult to make it cost effective for the independent musician. Over time we grew and began consulting independent artists in the many different directions they can go, with affordable packages tailored to suit their needs and budget. TEA prides itself in being an artist friendly community that can help connect artists together and bring them what they may need or want, and help develop their own connections in the industry.”

tea-v-131“TEA Compilations began with bringing artists together with the intention of creating a buzz in all areas of the media – radio, print, film, internet and live performance,” says Phillips “Many compilations today are just music convention mail bag fodder at very expensive pricing with no follow up for the artists. The main reason for our compilations is the sense of community it can bring for all involved. A chance to share, hear feedback and receive much needed information for artist growth and connectivity within the industry. TEA has had some great successes at radio, print media and film with most comps hitting the charts and getting great reviews. Strong artists on our comps have included: Andrew Spice & Emm Gryner, Car Bombs & Allah, David William, Mike Criscione, Robbie Cooper, Little Sunday, Unit 731, Daisy DeBolt, Jill Jack, Power Boxx and many others.”

As for Toronto Experimental Artists, Phillips says: “Anyone can submit music to us for our compilations, but that doesn’t mean it will make it on. We seek out good music on the internet we feel very passionate about. The range of music on our comps is usually: pop, rock, blues, hip-hop, R&B, folk, electronica, ambient, acoustic, experimental, and singer/songwriter.

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Karl Machat a member of the TEA South Production Team, shares his audio and mastering knowledge and experience in a very resourceful Blog. Karl has been playing music since the tender age of 6 and is very comfortable with all types of music genres and reads music fluently. He has many years of experience as a certified recording engineer, but also as a duplications expert who worked in the Quality Control department preparing running masters for duplication. If you are interested in amazing mastering results, TEA offers a special discounted price for Karl’s mastering services. To receive the discounted pricing please contact us here at TEA South. Check out the many links to Resources and Karl’s Blog listed below.

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