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t-riley-21TEA Volume 13 & 14 compilation artist T Riley keeps herself and band mates busy with many new projects and a killer live show. What has T been doing…”T Riley has been juggling live shows and studio time while working on her latest Video for “Shed Some Light” off her latest CD release. “Shed Some Light” was produced by Howard Redekopp (Mother Mother, Tegan and Sarah, New Pornogrophers) and the video is typical T Riley – do it yourself style – showing T being chased around the globe…literally. Stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, she is busy in the studio with her guitar player Rick Rodney trying their hand at producing together. The demo version of “Let Your Hair Down” is already posted on her myspace page. Look for more demos as they navigate through the creative abyss. T has also invited Scott Boudrou to guest produce on some of the new songs. This should prove for an exciting album. There is also an acoustic album in the making that will be posted on the web and some tracks will be free for fans to download, just for being you! While she’s not in the studio, look for T gigs coming soon in Vancouver, Whistler, and Saltspring Island”

T Riley’s track on TEA Volume 13 called “Hanging On”is just down and dirty with the greatest live sound we have heard at TEA for some time. The guitar work, vox and production is steller! Below is a quote from T as she talks a little about the origins of the track “Hanging On”…was inspired by general family dysfunction and the injustices of society! It keeps trying to knock me down in defeat, but I keep hanging on! This song was recorded in Mushroom studios all in one take (even the vocals! yay!), so it is quite pure and sounds the same live. It is our favorite song to play live by far. It has fondly developed two nicknames, one being the “Surf Tune”, for obvious reasons, and the the other, the l_b09ad4ec336745919a564c6abde0bb2d“Orgasm” song. The squeals of frustration have often been misinterpreted as squeals of, well, you know. When a back up singer took my cd home to learn, she said she had to turn this song down so her mother couldn’t hear it, because it was making her blush and she was scared her mother wouldn’t let her sing in my band! Just goes to show how things can be misunderstood. All in all, this is a “won’t back down”, “knock me down and I’ll get back up again” , “never give up”, type of song that I hope people can listen to when they feel like they are about to throw in the towel, get inspired, and think to themselves “f–k you!” and keep fighting the good fight.

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