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vote-please1Many TEA Artists enter contests for songwriting, tours, performance, production and other reasons. Please use this category post to bring awareness to TEA Staff and TEA artists of your contest information, links and website directions on how others can place votes for you. TEA artists who need votes for contest entries should post their information, links and website directions by clicking on the header at the top of the post. We can all help each other out if we give a little of our time. It only takes a few minutes, but can really help. Please remember this is only for TEA artists, and don’t forget to click on the header above Support TEA Artists Entering Contests (STAEC) to bring up the comment box. Good luck and Thank You.

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  1. TEA artist Katelyn Dawn could use our help in the “Just Not Famous Enough” contest website at the link below…

    Just click on “To the Polls” on the top right hand side of webpage, and look for Country category at the top, and then vote for Katelyn Dawn.

    Thank you for supporting TEA Artists

    TEA Staff

  2. Hi Everyone:

    Canadian Music Rocks is running a contest and Tribe 11 needs your votes. The top 4 bands get a spotlight on the CMR MySpace player and links from both CMR pages to the Tribe 11 page.

    We’d really appreciate your support. Here’s the link:

    http://www. canadianmusicrocks. com/index. php

    Thanks Tribe 11

  3. Hey our video,

    Mask Of Pretension, has advanced to the Top 25 round of the June 2009 FameCast Rock Stage Monthly Contest. We are one step closer to winning that quarterly grand prize!
    Please help us get into the Top 10 voting begins at Midnight EST on Monday, Jun. 8th, 2009 and ends one week later at Midnight EST on Monday, Jun. 15th, 2009.
    With out your help we wouldn’t have made it this far. Please vote for us daily on famecast
    & to play live on Vans Warped Tour

    We appreciate your support!!!
    Versus the Nothing
    TEA Staff

  4. Rocking out
    Category: Music

    While I watch the new stories anxiously for news on the Kelowna forest fires that are burning up in Glenrosa, not far from my old home in Westbank I thought I’d tune into – the live music portion of

    I was talking with Jaci Redlin yesterday and she mentioned that they have been airing Molecules of Oxygen and Forward Today on the station. I was, of course, quite happy to hear that. I was even more interesting when Molecules of Oxygen came on while I was listening.

    Jaci mentioned that they’d love to hear from everyone… especially if you’ve got a moment to go onto the cmr-online site and request one of my songs!

    Rocking out…

    Mickael Maddison

  5. Debra Whyte

    CBC Radio 3 Please Call the play list for requests!1-877-955-6565 request “Swept Away”or any other Fav Debra Whyte Tune!

    Thank you!xx♡xx

  6. I had forgotten about a contest I had entered Sweet Misery into. It’s in the Alternative category in a song contest and as of today it’s ranked at #9 out of 755 entries! What a great way to start off the day. Anyway, if you’re so inclined, head out to and sign up as a fan or a judge or whatever and take a shot at voting… their system is great. you listen to 2 songs and then rank which one you like better. It’s not one of those click until you die and then keep going scams so it’s pretty cool. The other songs are amazing so this is really cool.

    Thank You

    Mickael Maddison

  7. Hello TEA South Compilation Artists

    The Indie Show has just partnered with a new television network that is part of a world market of over 30 stations in over 30 countries.

    If would like to include your songs in this year’s rotation of unsigned and indie bands, go to:

    The Indie Show television event will be filmed and broadcast from Las Vegas, Nevada. Artists that have qualified for the event will receive food, lodging, and a travel allowance during filming.

    The overall winner of the Indie Show will win a recording contract or cash, a one year video promotion agreement, and other prizes. Every entrant will receive phenomenal worldwide exposure.

    This is the reality television event of the year! It’s not only a great way to build a larger fan base, It could be the chance of a lifetime.

    Entry is free. To enter:

    Best regards,

    Beau Blankenship
    Executive Producer

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