waves-4We supply digital audio services to independent bands / musicians. Our Production Team has over 20 years experience in production, consulting, recording, editing, sound design, mixing and mastering. Our 2 studios are equipped to record solo and full band projects. Contact us for free musical consulations. TEA Artists are given excellent discount pricing for all recording services.

We are currently booking studio time for 2016. $50.00 per hour includes Studio Musicians and Production Team. Artists who record and master six or more songs will  receive a FREE Canada 50 promotion package which includes phone and  email tracking with film submissions for an 8 week  period.  Contact TEA South

  • Recording
  • Production Team / Studio Musicians / Songwriting / Arrangement / Production
  • Sound Design
  • Editing
  • Mixing re-mixing
  • Mastering re-mastering
  • Voice Overs / Audio Books
  • FREE Musical Consultations


With over 20 years experience in recording, arrangement and production, Clay, Frank, Karl, Raul & Darrell decided to pool their talents to become a production team who’s primary focus and love is music. Working out of TEA South, located in Toronto (Canada), The TEA South Production Team offer their services: consulting, producing, co-writing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering with the ultimate goal of making any project sound the best it can possibly be. Our goal is to capture the most out of your musical performance and make it better than you could ever imagine.

Custom Shop

We will take the time and care needed to customize your project, and make it stand out amongst the crowd. We always remain focused on the client’s unique needs and we pride ourselves in our facility which continues to grow and adapt with today’s changing technology. We have studio musicians available to enhance your project requirements and to obtain your desired sound.


Realizing the vision of the music’s creator is the ultimate goal. Every project and track is assessed on it’s own merits and is customized to the clients needs and budget. The TEA South Production Team will create consistency within your project and will assure your final project is within accepted standards of quality found in most major label releases. Major results on an “indie” budget. Bottom line. TEA Artists are given excellent discount pricing for all recording services.

Sounds Better

Our goal is to make your project sound unique and professional. The TEA South Production Team will add the polish, dynamics, clarity and impact that gives the listener that extra “something” that makes them want to listen again and again. We like to think of ourselves as the glue that will turn your collection of songs into a finished album, a balanced listening experience from beginning to end.


Creating your end product is only half of the process and many artists never take promotion into the equation. Working in conjunction with Tea South, we will assist in strategic planning of your career.

Live Venue Recording

TEA now offers Live Venue Recording. We can locate to your live gig or practice space and record your song, songs or live set. Mixing and Mastering of your chosen recorded material is also available. Contact us for a specialized package of live recording that will fit your needs and budget.


Karl’s Blog – About Audio Mastering Software

Karl Machat a member of the TEA South Production Team, shares his audio and mastering knowledge and experience in a very resourceful Blog. Karl has been playing music since the tender age of 6 and is very comfortable with all types of music genres and reads music fluently. He has many years of experience as a certified recording engineer, but also as a duplications expert who worked in the Quality Control department preparing running masters for duplication. If you are interested in amazing mastering results, TEA offers a special discounted price  for Karl’s mastering services. To receive the discounted pricing please contact us here at TEA South. Check out the many links to Resources and Karl’s Blog listed below.

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