Random Dander

TEA Volume 15 artists Random Dander serve up a twist of something very original with their track Greenwood Charlie. Random Dander defines their name musically. Consisting of five guys and two girls, with influences from funk to folk, blues, jazz, reggae, psychedelic and hard rock, this tight knit group mixes genres comfortably. James from Hammer Records called them a “very energetic band” and an “extraordinary experience” from a “very crazy cast of characters”. Using an original mix of instruments, adding mandolin, timbales and xylophone to two guitars, bass and drums, plus male and female vocals, this crew has a heightened sonic presence and is truly their own brand of raw, saucy rock n roll.

All summer local college radio stations have been playing Random Dander’s first three singles ‘Greenwood Charlie’, ‘Tasty Train’ and ‘Fly Away’. This airplay led to CIVL Radio DJ Chuck Anger to ask the group to record an intro song for his show ‘The Boogety Shoes Blues Show’, which can be heard every Wednesday at 8am locally within the Fraser Valley and their hometown of Mission BC. The band is currently gearing up to release their first full length album ‘First Delivery’ and will be immediately returning to studio to begin working on a second, again using engineer/mixing team of Josh VonHardenburg and Jeff Ryan. The Toronto Experimental Artist Compilation Volume 15 (TEA vol15), slated for release in early 2012, will feature the single ‘Greenwood Charlie’.

Exactly one year to date from their first live show, the Dander was headlining the Columbia Valley Music Festival, rocking a two hour set of originals passed 4am and recently had the pleasure of playing the Roxy, a stage big enough for the band. Having known each other for a combined total of 418 years these folk show no signs of slowing down or breaking up. They offer a very diverse range of musical experience ranging from death metal to hip-hop and everything in between. This experience has gained Random Dander the necessary knowledge of how to entertain a crowd, keeping their live shows fun and upbeat while displaying an absolute passion for the songs they write and perform. Contrary to the name, it’s promised you won’t be allergic to Random Dander.

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