Digital Distribution

ethernet-cableTEA now offers the digital media distribution service system that delivers broadcast quality music tracks, together with related promo materials, directly to most media outlets anywhere in Canada – quickly and securely. Your tracks are uploaded to a data base server where radio station Music Directors can preview and manage new releases online. Once uploaded to the server, our staff will track your songs via email and phone to ensure that Music Directors and most importantly DJ’s are aware of your uploaded songs, and that they have had a chance to listen and review your tracks. data-base-server If there is no follow up your songs may be deleted from the data base server prematurely. This service is only available to select radio and other media in Canada. We also offer hard copy packages which include mailing costs, labeling and packaging. For more information contact us for a consultation. We can tailor make any package to fit your number of contacts, budget and needs.

What is Included in the Digital Distribution Packages?

  • One single track conversion and digital upload to radio station data base servers (genre based)
  • One electronic press kit writing and assembly (2 photos, biography, gigs, and reviews)
  • Email and phone tracking for an 8 week period with reporting every 4 weeks
  • Available for most Canadian Radio stations and genres

Digital Servicing Myths

Digital Distribution Packages

Digital Uploads – 30 contacts – $425.00 CAD
Digital Uploads – 50 contacts – $775.00 CAD
Digital Uploads – 100 contacts – $1125.00 CAD