Power Boxx

power-box-smallThe lyric from the title track of Power Boxx’s debut CD, TOUCH THE SKY, can be applied to the Toronto rock band’s work ethic and goals. As the band  puts it, the song is about “trying to reach one’s potential by striving for the dream that’s been living inside you. That’s what we want to do.”

Alex, Guy and Renato have all known each other for many years. “I would say that’s why the band is so stable, as far as our chemistry as musicians and friends goes,” says Alex. In fact, Guy and Alex played in a cover band that never made it out of the garage. With Renato, the three put together Power Boxx in 1996. “We rehearsed and had fun for a few years. We then started to write songs and to develop the band to see how far we could get,” says Alex. “Certain song ideas go back a few years; however, they did not really blossom until the current line-up worked on them.”

power-boxxThe self-released TOUCH THE SKY currently is available for sale on the the band’s web site www.powerboxx.com, as well as at local record retailers, and of course, at the band’s live shows. This CD was mastered by the well known George Graves and sonically sounds incredible. Various tracks off the CD have received airplay on 49 campus radio stations across Canada. Commercial radio is the next target, as well as stepping up Power Boxx’s live shows.

Power Boxx have been on TEA Volumes 4, 5 & 8. They performed a tight and powered set  at the TEA Summer Showcase at the Rivoli on Saturday July 18, 2009.

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