TEA V 15 Release

TEA Volume 15 Release - Jan 3, 2012

We are thrilled and excited to let everyone know that TEA Volume 15 has officially been released on January 3, 2012. Happy New Year!

TEA Volume 15 is an independent compilation of work by 20 Canadian artists and members of the music industry. This compilation explores the newest and best in Canadian alternative music with one of the new year’s most daring and diverse compilations (rock, pop, singer / songwriter, mainstream, progressive, blues, country, jazz, folk, acoustic and ambient)

Versus the Nothing

versus-the-nothing-stage1TEA Volume 12 compilation artists Versus the Nothing dive down deep and surface with driving melodic magic. There’s something about Nothing….. The unabashed, melodic, hard rock band, Versus the Nothing is a quintet that focuses on writing solid songs with tight, energetic performances. Their music combines heavy guitars, with powerful, melodic vocals that are propelled by driving rhythms and anthemic choruses. Clean, quiet moments swell into raging guitars, punctuated by short blasts of screamo gang vocals as they rise into crashing sing-along choruses. Accented by hopeful lyrics, with a sense of desperation that melds into cries from a damaged, disaffected, suburbanite youth. Their namesake draws upon that same energy, inspired by The Neverending Story, where an evil force called The Nothing tries to take over everything in existence. It’s a journey from pain to joy; a story that encourages us to believe that happiness is achievable even in the most dire of circumstances.” The guys couldn’t find a better name to represent their music if they tried. Versus the Nothing independently released their debut album “Let it all Come Down” with the track “Bleed the Ocean” quickly being snapped up by Mazda for an online campaign. They soon caught the attention of the Canadian Music Industry, leading them to a coveted Top 5 winner in the esteemed Vancouver CFOX 2008 Seeds contest (responsible for helping break some of the biggest bands on the rock scene such as Nickelback, Default, Theory of a Deadman, and Art of Dying). The album’s title track “Let it all Come Down” has been getting steady spins at Canadian radio ever since, in addition to spins on American stations WLIX 104.5fm, Indie 104fm, KERX 95.3fm, WAMX 106.3fm, WEGW 107.5fm, and WHBR 103.1fm. Non-stop gigging and a tireless work ethic have transformed Vancouver’s Versus the Nothing into one of the new rock acts to emerge out of Western Canada. Their goal is a modest one, one that reflects the true essence and sincerity of their music; to get on the road, tour non-stop, and be heard by as many new people as possible. They’re creating a unique future for themselves, carving a path that’s full of opportunities for such a young group. The book is wide open for Versus the Nothing, and their neverending story has only just begun. Versus the Nothing are: Ross Archibald – Vocals Jason Scannell – Bass Chris Shaw – Guitar, Vocal Jacob Wyman – Drums, Vocals Ande Otte – Guitar, Vocals.

Vancouver’s hard rock quintet VERSUS THE NOTHING’s single “Let It All Come Down” is featured on SEGA® Europe Ltd. ‘ soundtrack for Vancouver 2010™ – the Official Video Game of the Olympic Winter Games.

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Is it radio promotion? Digital Servicing Myths

At TEA We Do It Right – No Cows or Bull

One of the new tricks to confuse artists is “digital distribution” or “digital servicing”. This is a service where the following is supposed to happen. You pay a small fee to have your audio sent to radio stations, then the person at the station listens to your track, plays it, then the service then tells you who played it. The problem is, it’s very misleading.

First of all you have to understand the difference between “servicing” radio and “promoting” to radio. Promoting to radio means you have a diologue / conversation with the person at the radio station and this requires phone calls and emails…


Katelyn Dawn

TEA Volume 14 artist Katelyn Dawn makes the top 16 on Canadian Idol. Read Katelyn’s interview on TEA on 148.ca with Phillip Hong. You can check out videos of Katelyn on Canadian Idol and other below…

Katelyn Dawn – She Talks to Angels (CTV)

Katelyn Dawn – CTV Spotlight (CTV)

Discovery Channel with David Suzuki

What has Katelyn been doing since Canadian Idol? PART 1 – Katelyn recently released her 2nd album, ‘The Window’. The new album, produced by Chris Burke-Gaffney (Chantal Kreviazuk) & Dale Penner (Nickelback) combines an organic sunny roots-pop sound, with hummable melodies and jangly hooks. We are very proud of Katelyn here at TEA and we will continue to bring awareness to her many talents. She performed a passionate acoustic driven set at the TEA Summer Showcase at the Rivoli in Toronto. We are thrilled to have Katelyn back on the TEA Volume 14 Compilation CD which is being released on January 14, 2010. Her track “When the Coffee’s Cold” will be featured on TEA Volume 14 along with many other talented TEA Artists. Katelyn is currently going to Hollywood to film a Discovery Channel Special with David Suzuki. She will open up the show with a glamorous performance.

kate-with-winnerPART 2 – At 20 Katelyn is moving forward with her music career with a new EP after having spent a year exploring the road towards independence. Though there have been many roadblocks heartbreak and hardships, Katelyn has never taken her eye off of that final destination, which is to bring an honest heartfelt message to all you amazing fans through catchy melodies and thought provoking lyrics.

Says Katelyn: “I really just want to be able to create music that I am proud of, and that other people can relate to. Being on stage and having an audience feel my songs along with me is the biggest high I could imagine, after all, music is the only thing that connects strangers on such an intimate level.”

With a new EP on the horizon, a Discovery Channel Showcase, and a top spot from Canadian Idol under her belt, Katelyn Dawn has never been in such an exciting position! Her career is about to take flight and the possibilities are endless!

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Karmetik Underground

TEA Volume 11 compilation artists Karmetik Underground can best be summed up as Live ElectroOrganic Tribal Groove Fusion. Sonically combining the east, the west, the above and the below, the Karmetik Underground is religiously infusing packed dance floors with live instrumental fusion. Karmetik cleverly creates an ethnically diverse musical tapestry, often incorporating traditional instruments from India with state of the art synthesizers, samplers, and sequencers. A sound influenced by Talvin Singh, Phish, Ravi Shankar, Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Fela Kuti, Thievery Corporation, The Chemical Brothers and Sound Tribe Sector Nine to name a few. As part of the creative process, songs are conceived from within the emotional spectrum and given life through a hybrid medium of electrorganic sounds. Allowing the listener to fully explore their musical mind and body while getting down and dirty doin’ it.

As all the members are coming from different backgrounds, each bring their own influence to create a sound that sets an emotional atmosphere. The rhythm section consists of a dynamic duo that taps into an electro-tribal infused groove. The melody makers are gliding over top of the beat using harmonies produced by guitar and synthesized astro-phonics.

Included within this western approach to making music the KarmetiK Underground has great respect for North Indian Classical Music. All members have studied under masters in India, bringing back their eastern influence to fuse with worldly organic dance music. Instruments such as Sitar, Tabla and Santoor are commonly integrated into the performance bringing a sense of culture to the dance floor. Check out Karmetik’s latest video.

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