OUTSPOKEN 23TEA Volume 10 compilation artists Outspoken are a pop-punk band with a twist of alternative indie-rock. They are one of those independent bands that help fans fall back in love with music as they stay in tune with themselves and their dreams. They stand out in the scene today, not just for their musicianship, talent and dedication, but their business aspect/grasp of the industry.

Outspoken have accomplished a great deal while doing everything themselves; no management, just four determined musicians. They have been featured in two international and domestic magazines, Canada’s Faze Magazine and Germany’s Outspoken Magazine, along with being on three international domestic CD compilations {HIV Yellow Head Comp, Pop-Punk Comp, and TEA Volume 10}.

Outspoken have also managed to get their latest CD “Hear We Go”… released in HMV record stores across the country. They have also put together a show themselves, where they played with whom they call rock stars , The Ataris and are having, what is said to be an amazing show with GOB this month. Their next goal is to be a part of the Vans Warped Tour line up. Outspoken played a high energy set at the TEA Summer Showcase at the Rivoli on Saturday July 18, 2009 which was outstanding.

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    Stood out from all of the other bands!
    Great guys!
    great live show!

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