New TEA Website

crowd-wepage1We hope you like the new TEA Website and the many possibilities blogging will have for TEA Artists to post current artist information. The website is designed to feature TEA artists from Volume 1 up to the current release. The TEA Staff will be busy creating features of many TEA artists in the months and years to come. You can help us by sending us a current bio and assortment of pictures (live, studio, current album etc). We will change up the featured artists on the homepage to enable artists to get what we call the spotlight position. Whenever we post or change the homepage artist, we will send out a tweet on Twitter. If you are not following us on Twitter please feel free to follow. You can also get the RSS feeds and subscribe for email feed on the homepage, which will send out feeds to you via email when the homepage feature is changed. Please feel free to post comments and updates on your feature area or comment on another artist or area of the site which has comments available. Just click on the header and the comments field will pop up. Feel free to leave a comment on the new website or any ideas on how we can improve this site for the benefit of all TEA Artists. Just click on the header above.

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