TEA Volume 15 artists Naria spark the Canadian release of TEA Volume 15 on January 3, 2012. Created in the Fall of 2010, with professional opera singer Katya Tchoubar at the helm, it didn’t take long for 1 to become 4 with the addition of fellow opera talents Anna Bateman and Michelle Danese with the group rounded out by pop sensation Annaliese Jelilian – thus NARIA was born.

NARIA is and contains 4 brilliant voices whose vocal prowess and original choreographed compositions features opera, pop, techno and world music with classical high notes while exhibiting their intimate personal style. While “aria” refers to the show-stopping moment in an opera, the “n” stands for “the north” — NARIA is proudly Canadian.

Determined to perform original pieces in a techno-operatic format, NARIA sought the professional expertise of two diversified musical arrangers: Haim Mazar from Los Angeles and Toronto’s Dima Graziani. In October 2011 NARIA launched their debut CD, NARIA Opera Pop Supernova, accompanied with their first video, “The Witch”.

NARIA’s music has been featured on The New Classical 96.3 FM, CHIN Radio as well as Britain’s International British Showcase, and internet radio stations including Woman of Substance, Indie Castle and ruKus radio with live performances currently occurring in Canadian cities. Undoubtedly in the not too distant future, NARIA will be taking center stage in Mexico, Europe and Asia, building international fan bases and winning over international audiences.

All in all, recording our fist album was very rewarding in many respects. There is a special feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when you create something that you can truly call your own. As talks are underway regarding our next album, we are excited for this wonderful journey to continue… We hope you enjoy “Naria: OPERA POP SUPERNOVA”!

Congratulations Naria! They are going to Midem in Cannes, France to be showcased as one of three winners in the Sonicbids International competition

Check out their Thank You video to fans

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  1. Hello dear fans, friends and family,

    I hope this email finds you well and looking forward to a holiday season!

    I cannot be any happier to share this news with you – we are going to Midem in Cannes, France to be showcased as one of three winners in the Sonicbids International competition!!!!!! Yey!!!!!!!!

    You did it! You voted for us and helped us to achieve our goal! And for that we are thankful to you from the bottom of our hearts. If you didn’t vote, but only sent us some positive energy – you helped Midem judges to choose us from the thousands of bands from all over the world. And for that we are grateful to you.

    Here is a little video blog with our thanks and best wishes to you for Holiday season and a New Year!

    We will not let you down and you will hear about our other exciting things coming in a New Year 2012 year.
    Merry Holidays and happy New 2012 Year!

    Warm hugs,


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