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Maddison 4TEA Volume 10 artist Mickael Maddison AKA “Mike-guyver”, is the kind of guy that seems to excel at whatever he’s doing at the time.

This holds true when you look over his recent start into music. Mickael had long been drumming, playing guitar, and writing songs when his wife, Kim, suggested it was time to make a permanent record of his work and record it onto a CD. Having never performed or recorded before, Mickael sought out James Lipoth whom had recently completed the producing and recording of a CD project. Before Mickael had finished the project, the tracks “When I’m Free” and “Drink” were already receiving airplay.

“I really had no idea that my music was something people would want to listen to”, says Mickael. “It was supposed to be something just for myself, my family and my friends. Things have gone a lot further than I could have imagined.” Whatever the case may be, his music has led him to form a live trio, become a regular performer, and setup his own studio.

Maddison 3With the release of his second CD, a 10 song album titled “In Loving Misery…”, Mickael has exceeded the success of his first EP with more radio stations spinning tracks, great press reviews, and a growing list of venues requesting live performances. Songs like “Sweet Misery” and “Molecules of Oxygen” enjoy ongoing airplay.

Mickael has recently entered the Ourstage music contest with his track Sweet Misery and has now moved all the way up to #9 from starting out at 500th. Mickael is presently receiving a great response from Canadian radio with his second release entitled “In Loving Misery” that is presently being promoted throughout Canada and abroad. Watch Michael performing live on CFJC TV7’s show.

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  1. An Update from Mickael Maddison…

    Greetings Everyone

    Today I had my debut performance on live TV. To help promote my performance coming up April 24th for the Earth Run, I was invited to appear on CFJC TV7’s “Midday” show – Hosted today by Cheryl Blackwell. They were kind enough to cut a copy of the video for me to share with you. To watch the show CLICK HERE

    And for those of you that missed the live broadcast from New York, here’s a link to download the podcast directly. Amanda starts of with “Sweet Misery” and then after a couple more songs she goes on to promote my website.

    So next up is Saturday Night @ The Pogue Mahone in Brock.

    Thanks for all the support!
    Wishing you all the best…
    Mickael Maddison

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