Locus Interview – TEA Volume 14

Phillip Hong
March 2, 2010

Locus Interview

When I think of Chinese pop music, it’s usually this melodramatic mess with digital instruments that seem to spit out quite a cheap sound, combined with lyrics that are created for no other purpose than to entertain to the lowest possible common decimal. In fact, I believe there is a lack of soul in music that is created for the language, because a lot of that market is focused on selling albums as a Olympic sport out of all things.

Locus provides a very different, a more profound point of view into this otherwise failed genre. For those who don’t understand the Chinese language, they have also given equal footing by being bilingual with their material. It’s a form of pop that isn’t corny or ridiculous at all… in fact, a number of genres take an influential role in their music, and that’s probably their biggest draw.

I should brush up on my own pathetically amateurish knowledge of this mother tongue before I say anything else. My ridiculous questions have been answered by bandmates Jason Chu and Kaila So.

PHIL: How was the band formed in 2006?

KAILA: We actually didn’t think about forming a band at first. It started when Jason and Kelvin began writing music ten years ago as a duo. I came on board in 2005 when Jason and I met while still playing for another band. Eric joined shortly after he began collaborating with Jason in late 2006. This led to a string of collaborations between the four of us, and in a very short time, we discovered we had written about 30 songs! Then we realized it would make perfect sense if we all joined together to contribute to each others’ musical journey. Now, here we are, a songwriting group and best friends for life.

PHIL: How did music in general come into your life?

JASON: Kelvin and I started studying piano when we were four years old. Eric is self-taught in guitar and drums. Kaila has previously fronted other local bands and contributed vocals for local acts XYL and Daddy Chang.

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