Jason Campbell (featuring Signal Hill)

jason-campbellTEA Volume 13 compilaton artist Jason Cambell (featuring Signal Hill) is a four-piece acoustic guitar based band with strong emphasis on four part vocal harmony. Hailing from Newfoundland, Canada, this band is currently revered throughout the country as the quintessential East Coast group. This has been achieved by expanding their repertoire beyond that of standard traditional songs to a repertoire celebrating music across the decades and genres. Their arrangements are now woven into the fabric of east Canadian culture. They play to packed houses across Canada from four to seven nights a week all year round. Jason Campbell is the principal lead vocalist with a range spanning over three octaves. He is a songwriter and business manager for the band. His singing style and song writing are unique while clearly influenced by Sam Cooke, Elton John and the Beatles. Often playing piano and guitar simultaneously while singing Jason is a born showman who owns every song he sings.

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