elevator boy

TEA Volume 14 artist Matthew Breakey, aka elevator boy composes aural art by exposing the listener to his feelings in each song he creates. He truly defies all musical boundaries, theories, patterns and forces the listener to images of fear, grief, paranoia and also to sheer brightness, true happiness, playfulness and at times the ultimate question – ‘who am I and what is this all about?’

No other artist expresses themselves as much as elevator boy does in each and every song he creates. His manipulation of sound is his voice, which will not be found on any of elevator boys’ recordings. Point blank, to even call his music, music, seems a little naff. It’s art, pure and simple. It’s ageless. It’s fashion-less. One hundred years from today it will sound as fresh or as ancient as it already does. And he does it all, from the confines of his little, delicate, glass elevator, going up and down, like his emotions, like his music. Matthew is hoping by having his music featured on TEA’s volume 14 compilation, his music will reach a broader audience, and hopefully create fans, critics and hopefully some level of discussion about the music he creates.

With his visual art, Matthew continues where his music left off by creating highly experimental works using unconventional to straight forward materials. Matthew uses his obsessions, struggles, frustrations to great use in his work, but always tries to show some of his sometimes out of touch sense of humour. The dark undertones, layers of expression has a maximum effect in some of his artwork but in others its its simplicity and rawness that draws the viewer in. His music and art are interconnected, that hopefully give the listener/viewer not only a chance to discover who is Matthew?, but more importantly questions about there own experiences, their own lives. Check out website

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