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at-sign1SRN Mediaworks have created a dedicated website to feature the TEA Summer Showcase 2009 and all performers. SRN and TEA South have now completed artist interviews, recording live audio, video and photography. SRN will be airing the showcase to radio in the months to come. A big thank you goes out to Phillip Hong and his staff for all of their hard work in creating this website, and preparations to feature the Showcase and all performers. You can now view posted pics of the TEA Summer Showcase 2009 at the TEA Gallery where we archive all TEA showcases.

The latest update and progress for the dedicated TEA Showcase website at SRN has already come in from Phillip Hong and we look forward to seeing and hearing the completed media project in the near future…

1. Editing the video interviews so all six performers interviewed will have a chance to publicize what they have done over this past weekend. All video interviews have now been completed at SRN Television.
2. Update the website to reflect post-concert mood and design a template so photos and video can be easily assessed from there. Web pages now completed.
3. Update auxiliary web pages that relate to the concert (SRN Television for example). Completed.
4. I will confirm with Mike (Broadcasting) about an air date and time for the Showcase. Date confirmed for Saturday October 31, 2009 at 12pm. Christmas dates will be posted soon.

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