Dana-Marie Battaglia

TEA Volume 15 artist Dana-Marie Battaglia offers up a beautiful track “The Struggle to Forgive” for the TEA Volume 15 compilation CD release. After traveling in and out of her vulnerable, passionate melodies and charming toe tapping grooves, you’ll understand what the phrase ‘emotional roller coaster’ really means. With her sweet, energetic presence, captivating voice, and deeply honest expression, Dana-Marie Battaglia will rip your heart out and gently sew it back in.

Since inspiring Olympic Athletes with her soul baring performances in private concerts and performing solo on site at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the artist developed an international fan base and piqued the interest of European radio. Over the past few years Dana-Marie made headlines by performing international anthems in multiple languages, taking the stage at festivals, entertaining crowds of thousands, and sharing the bill with several Juno Award winners.

Meanwhile the self-taught composer and gear-headed singer-songwriter built a home studio to fulfill a burning urge to arrange and record accompaniment to her songs. Exploring her feel for haunting, classical compositions, the resulting sound of her demo was an unparalleled blend of acoustic folk-pop melodies with tragic, grand orchestral elements.

The indie artist was thrilled in 2009 when the complexity of her compositions captivated John MacArthur Ellis (Jeremy Fisher, Dan Mangan, Leeroy Stagger, The Be Good Tanyas), a major label contractor and award winning producer who agreed to work with her as an independent artist. After two years of co-engineering and co-production on top of the same track beds that Battaglia started, came an album of exceptional quality on the indie scene.

Battaglia’s 2011 debut release entitled “Songs of utter despair, guilt, empathy, lust, longing and/or hope” comes to life on stage as she’s joined by Tim Bartsch on cello and her sister Tanya Maria on background vocals and keys/synth. In the summer of 2011, the trio completed a Western Canadian Tour leaving in their wake a vast trail of new enthusiasts suddenly undergoing much self reflection.

When you find yourself strapped in to her emotive wavelength, keep your eyes open and your hands up. With just enough sweetness to make you forget your anguish, Dana-Marie Battaglia will ensure that when the ride stops, you’ll be excited to line up all over again.

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