Daisy Debolt

daisy-deboltWe are saddened to report that Daisy Debolt has passed away from cancer at the age of 62. TEA Volume 7 compilation artist and showcase performer Daisy DeBolt is Canada’s queen of avant-garde. “Folk Diva” is an apt title for someone with a career that’s spanned over forty years in the Canadian music business, from those very first coffee houses, to acclaim with the first superstar Canadian group, Fraser & DeBolt, to the large and small festivals that dot the Canadian summer landscape. Daisy has a voice that can blast its way through the gloom, that can, soar, dip, and dive with the same emotional charge and excitement today as back in those early continent-hopping beginnings, has stunned audiences and critics alike. Her performance at the Rivoli TEA Summer Showcase left the audience mezmorized and wanting more. She garners REPECT!

“The most astonishing, dynamic vocalist in the entire galaxy”

“The voice of an enraged angel, shatters Plexiglas and melts frozen hearts” – OTTAWA CITIZEN

“Daisy DeBolt delivers with the resonant thunder of her voice”

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  1. Sensation

    Posted by Li Robbins on Sunday May 23, 2010 at 3:00

    A documentary called An Overnight Sensation, (produced and narrated by Rachel Sanders), looks at the remarkable Canadian folk musicians, Fraser And DeBolt. They produced two albums of psychedelic folk in the early 70s. People loved their music — in a cult kind of way — but they never found mainstream success.

    Writer George Shirley described them as “A couple of loopy folkies bayin’ at the moon in a convincingly au naturel manner.” And the music trade mag, The Record, once explained Fraser and DeBolt’s significance like this: “Fraser & DeBolt were the greatest Canadian band never to have made it.”

    But you know, their music is still talked about by folk music aficionados. And having a radio documentary made decades after the duo was active says something, no?

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