Reserve & Confirm

contract-kIf you have been invited or accepted onto the TEA Volume 15 compilation CD, you will be posted below, either on Reserve (payment & contract not received) or confirmed (payment & contract received). Please confirm your position with payment within 3 weeks of being placed on reserve. We apologize for the rush, but this is the only way to move forward to the completion of projects and deadlines. Thank You.

Confirmation Process

handshake-black-back1Please follow the directions below to confirm your position for TEA volume 15. You will need to confirm your placement by completing the information below within a three week period of being placed on reserve. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • Print out the contract form and carefully print all information requested.

  • Make cheque out to Toronto Experimental Artists for $285.00 CAD or use paypal or credit card of choice by clicking on add to cart button below.

  • Send your music on audio CD to the address below. We would like to hear as much of your music as possible to help determine the most radio friendly track that will achieve the most success at radio, internet, print and film.

TEA South
101 Burlington St.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M8V 3W1

  • Mail us your completed contract form, audio CD and cheque in one package with your return mailing address on the top left hand corner. We will contact you the day your package arrives and/or payment by paypal / credit card is received.

TEA 15 Compilation Submission

TEA Volume 15 Participants

Release Jan 3, 2012

This compilation will be released on Jan 3, 2012 to radio, film, internet and print media contacts. There will be many email communications regarding the compilation progress, and information requests needed in finalizing the TEA Volume 15 release. If you have any questions regarding our compilations contact us. Please check to see that you have been placed on reserve or confirmed below, and that your website link of choice is working. Thank you for adhering to the tight time lines that go into completing a TEA Compilation CD.

Confirmed for TEA Volume 15 Dream Trance Invasion

Common Ground

Sarah Troy

Trevor Davies

Morris 8


Random Dander

Dana-Marie Battaglia

Glen Koide

Bain Anderson

James Ashberry

Kim Esty

Marshall Potts

49 Parallels


Erth Juce

Neil Chapman

Dennis Mouck

The Weak Need

Ken Foster