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About TEA Compilations


We are presently not producing our TEA Compilation series and live showcases. We hope to return to the compilation series in the future depending on artist needs and demands. We will continue to leave up all TEA artist reviews, links, posts and media associated with TEA Compilations and showcases.


We spend a great deal of time seeking out good music on the internet and radio we feel very passionate about. The range of music on our compilations is usually: pop, rock, alternative, blues, R&B, folk, country, instrumental, electronica, ambient, acoustic, experimental, and singer/songwriter. Anyone can submit music for inclusion onto TEA compilations, but that doesn’t mean it will be accepted. Criteria for reviewing your song material is 1) composition 2) melody 3) lyrics 4) originality 5) production. Our compilations are for promotional use only and are sold only to TEA Artist participants. They are not sold in retail or online music stores.


We have the experience and connections to get your music on the radio, as well as being reviewed and distributed to music industry professionals. This is a shot to get the much needed feedback that is essential for artistic growth. Our service can open the right doors and make the right connections and get your songs recognized. (see testimonials)


TEA record label artists are selected from our TEA compilations, based on success at radio, film, live performance and self promotion. TEA Compilation Artists are eligible for discount pricing on all TEA Services.


Radio Tracking

Tracking Results Posted

We recognize the personal importance of sharing one’s music with others and the sense of fulfillment it can bring. Feedback is essential for any artist to grow and mature. You may just want to hear your song on the radio or read a review of your material online or in magazines. You may seek a record label or your own connections in the music industry. Whatever the reason we have the contacts needed of people who are accepting of independent material. We will report via email to artists on our compilations who receive radio airplay, secure a film or TV placement, get reviewed online or in newspapers and magazines. We track our compilations by phone and email and tracking results are posted on our website. Digital Servicing Myths (PDF)

Film Submissions

Free Film Submissions

Every artist on a TEA compilation CD will receive FREE Film Submissions for a 3 month period, suited to their genre. The cost of a 3 month film package is $250.00 if purchased seperetely. We have many good and established contacts in the film industry, who require specific music or audio for film, TV and video games. We will submit your song for film jobs that are requesting a specific genre, atmosphere, effect or description of content needed. If your music is placed in film, video games or TV you will be contacted by music supervisors who will work out licensing and other agreements and methods of payment. TEA will not negotiate contracts for artists but will be happy to assist with  questions regarding the finalization process.



TEA Summer Showcase

Selected artists who are accepted onto TEA compilation CD’s will have the option to perform in a showcase in the Toronto area. Showcases are promoted through radio, internet, newspaper, and magazines. They are then recorded and streamed live to radio through SRN Mediaworks, who then syndicate out to other radio stations. TEA Showcases are held at Toronto’s most venerable rock institution, the Rivoli and are recorded, photographed and videotaped. Please note – not all TEA compilations are showcased events.




TEA Radio


Many TEA artists are featured on various radio shows throughout the year. Please observe TEA News and TEA Radio for scheduled show dates and times. Indietalent and SRN Mediaworks are always playing TEA artists music along with many other radio stations, networks and DJ’s. A new TEA Hour radio show that features each compilation volume and showcase is prepared by our TEA Staff. Selected TEA compilation artists music is chosen for our radio ad spots, which advertise our services.

(TEA Staff at CKLN in Toronto doing a TEA radio show)



Featured Artists

crowd-wepageTEA staff work very hard to get TEA artists  interviewed, featured, and reviewed. Our website is designed to do just that, feature TEA Artists. Our partner, SRN Mediaworks network, regularly interview TEA Artists and they have graciously created a web portal to showcase TEA artist interviews, reviews, videos, and other creative promotions, exclusively for TEA compilation and label artists. This is all part of our artist friendly community where we work very hard to promote all TEA Artists from Volume 1 up to the current release. We are dedicated to promoting TEA artists.




TEA Community

One of the great opportunities of a compilation CD is to meet other songwriters and performers. An open invitation exists to artists in the Toronto area, other regions of Canada, or out there in cyberspace, to get in touch, share ideas, participate in collaborative works, and form a community. You may end up writing a song with another musician on one of our compilation CD’s. If you are interested in working with other TEA artists in a studio setting, please let us know and we can work to accommodate your needs. Dive in and discover the incredible talent within the TEA artist community. TEA Compilation Artists are eligible for discount pricing on all TEA Services.


Asked or Accepted


TEA 15Artists only pay $285.00 if asked or accepted onto a TEA Compilation CD. There is no charge for submissions, and participants retain all rights and royalties to their music. We are currently looking for and accepting submissions from songwriters interested in appearing on our TEA Volume 15 compilation CD. This opportunity is open to songwriters of all age groups and music genres. Criteria for reviewing your song material is 1) composition 2) melody 3) lyrics 4) originality 5) production. All artists chosen for our TEA South record label are selected from TEA Compilation artists based on success at radio, film, live performance and self promotion. If you have received our invitation email please follow the step by step directions outlined on the reserve and confirm page. If you are submitting your music for consideration please send your music on CD to TEA South or a link to musical material via email. We will contact you after we receive and review materials sent.


What is Included?

  • A professionally manufactured CD with artwork
  • Mastering of Compilation CD
  • Your contact information on the insert sleeve for all to see
  • Distribution of CD to radio, film, T.V., internet and various print media sources
  • Tracking of material to radio, T.V., film and print media – phone and email – posted on website
  • Film submissions to music supervisors requesting music for film, video games and TV
  • Selected compilation artists chosen to perform in our live showcases and media events
  • 1 copy of the compilation CD and the opportunity to buy additional copies at the TEA Store
  • The chance to meet and collaborate with other musicians and songwriters – TEA Community
  • The opportunity to be signed to the TEA South label
  • TEA Compilation Artists are eligible for discount pricing on all TEA Services.
  • All bands on our compilation CDs get links on the TEA Artists page to their sites





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