Combine the Victorious

combine-4TEA Volume 10 compilation artists Combine the Victorious are an exciting new indie duo fronted by Isabelle Dunlop and Mark Henning. Isabelle is a well known fashion designer while Mark is a record producer and former member of the Canadian alternative group Pure. Together they wrote their first album (The World Over) in an attempt to fill a void in their record collections: music that was danceable, fun, anthemic and emotional. Their new EP “Disagreements” is now available and has been selected by SPIN magazine as one of its new music recommendations for 2009. Combine the Victorious have been lucky enough to have placed four of their songs into the CTV (the television network) series Whistler for the 07/08 season. CTV have chosen the songs Blue Kitchen, Dafty, and Embrace to feature in one episode, and instrumental Churchgoer is being used in another one.

Their second release, a seven song ep titled Disagreements is now completed and scheduled for release November 11th, 2008. Jordy Birch and Todd Simko, both former Pure bandmates, assist on guitar and Kevin Jones (The February March)provides his expertise behind the kit. The song Please also features UK artists Ingrid Schroeder and Barry Flynn on vocals. Videos are being conceived for at least two songs from the new ep, and arrangements to perform outside of Vancouver are being made for the new year. It took combine-the-vicus a little longer than expected to finish Disagreements because we decided to start over on a lot of the recordings: they weren’t sounding the way we wanted so we ditched them. This batch of material is a bit of a departure from our debut album; the subject matter and tone are both a bit darker. It’s a story of disappointment, betrayal, broken promises and ultimately hope and resolve. Disagreements is also our first release under the Boutique Empire label. Look for their music on iTunes as well as all other popular online streaming and download sites.

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