TEA Volume 11 & 14 compilation artists Columbia Columbia’s founding members have spent the past three years creating the New Universal Rock. Big Rock…the way it should be, with catchy licks and meaningful lyrics. Columbia combines talent and emotion. When vocalist Kevin Schallié and guitarist Richard Jacquard first began writing music together, they promised each other that they would be the BEST, and do anything it takes to make music that transcends all boundaries.

Columbia’s musical past is rich, with Kevin and Richard starting the band Straitpipe in 1998 and going on to win multiple competitions. Columbia has performed all over the United States and Canada playing at venues such as The Showbox in Seattle, The Cat Club on the Sunset strip in LA, The main stage at Motofest in Vernon, as well as headlining Richards on Richards, The Roxy & The Venue in their home town of Vancouver. Columbia has also shared the stage with acts such as Gob, Swollen Members & Marianas Trench.

With Jason Tait on guitar, Jacques Roussouw on bass, and drummer Brian Welsch, Columbia’s Big sound is rounded out. The band is ready to perform around the world. With their combined experience and talent, Columbia has come together at the right time.

Like their favorite bands of the past, Columbia wants to be the BEST and is ready to prove it. Join Our Ride. Listen to Columbia

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