Dream Trance Invasion (D.T.I.) are soon to release a new surprise single each month starting July 2016. Great new music from DTI is ready for release. Stay tuned for more TEA news and Dream Trance Invasion. DTI will be featuring many guest artists on most single releases.

TEA Compilations

Currently TEA South are not producing the TEA compilation series. We are focusing on recording, mixing and mastering at the present time. In the future we may return to complete another compilation depending on artists wants and needs. We will of course keep all media and posts associated with our compilation series and live showcases up and running.

TEA Studio Time

TEA South is now booking studio time for 2016.

$50.00 per hour includes Studio Musicians and Production Team. Artists who record and master six or more songs will receive a FREE Canada 50 promotion package which includes phone and email tracking with film submissions for an 8 week period. Artists who record more than 3 songs will receive one free inclusion onto our next compilation series TEA Volume 16. Contact TEA South

TEA Volume 15 Tracking

Tracking for TEA Volume 15 has officially ended, but this does not mean that radio play has ended. In fact, we are still getting spun at many radio stations and will continue to be available in many station libraries. Just give a radio station of choice a call and request TEA Volume 15. Many thanks from the TEA Staff.

TEA V 15 Release

TEA Volume 15 Release - Jan 3, 2012

We are thrilled and excited to let everyone know that TEA Volume 15 has officially been released on January 3, 2012. Happy New Year!

TEA Volume 15 is an independent compilation of work by 20 Canadian artists and members of the music industry. This compilation explores the newest and best in Canadian alternative music with one of the new year’s most daring and diverse compilations (rock, pop, singer / songwriter, mainstream, progressive, blues, country, jazz, folk, acoustic and ambient)