Combine the Victorious

combine-4TEA Volume 10 compilation artists Combine the Victorious are an exciting new indie duo fronted by Isabelle Dunlop and Mark Henning. Isabelle is a well known fashion designer while Mark is a record producer and former member of the Canadian alternative group Pure. Together they wrote their first album (The World Over) in an attempt to fill a void in their record collections: music that was danceable, fun, anthemic and emotional. Their new EP “Disagreements” is now available and has been selected by SPIN magazine as one of its new music recommendations for 2009. Combine the Victorious have been lucky enough to have placed four of their songs into the CTV (the television network) series Whistler for the 07/08 season. CTV have chosen the songs Blue Kitchen, Dafty, and Embrace to feature in one episode, and instrumental Churchgoer is being used in another one.

Their second release, a seven song ep titled Disagreements is now completed and scheduled for release November 11th, 2008. Jordy Birch and Todd Simko, both former Pure bandmates, assist on guitar and Kevin Jones (The February March)provides his expertise behind the kit. The song Please also features UK artists Ingrid Schroeder and Barry Flynn on vocals. Videos are being conceived for at least two songs from the new ep, and arrangements to perform outside of Vancouver are being made for the new year. It took combine-the-vicus a little longer than expected to finish Disagreements because we decided to start over on a lot of the recordings: they weren’t sounding the way we wanted so we ditched them. This batch of material is a bit of a departure from our debut album; the subject matter and tone are both a bit darker. It’s a story of disappointment, betrayal, broken promises and ultimately hope and resolve. Disagreements is also our first release under the Boutique Empire label. Look for their music on iTunes as well as all other popular online streaming and download sites.

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Water on Mars

ice-palaceTEA Volume 11 compilation artist and urban music band water on mars (WOM) was formed in Quebec City in the fall of 2003. DJ Claude Rajotte makes a great review of the album on CBC radio. “How refreshing ! Someone capable of evoking the myth of Faust through references to Robert Johnson, while spicing it all with Pink Floyd 21st century style and bits of Holger Czukay, certainly deserves our attention !” WOM is all about postrock and ambient sound, with a clear genius for a concise, discrete, and efficient adaptation of some of the best pages of psychedelic garage rock. TEA just loves this fresh ambient sound! See videos on myspace.

The information below is regarding two of WOM releases…Mannah is WOM’s first record. Recorded in a church on analog equipment, Mannah is the result of hundreds of hours of subsequent digital editing and mixing. The purpose was to blend the warm vintage tones of yesterday’s recording techniques with the precision of modern day computerized editing.

water-on-mars-albumDelta is an 11-track electro-rock seague that revisits the faustian myth as lived by Robert Johnson. Delta blends 78 RPM samples, sixties psychedelic guitars, seventies analog keyboards, in a mix and rhythm inspired by techno. A deft use of buried tracks, tape effects and micro-electronics makes for many years of intrigued listening. Delta has obtained great critical success. The track “Gizeh” hits number one on’s interactive charts, and number 5 on the Baromètre charts (Quebec indy radio network). Gizeh is chosen on the compilation CD of DJ Marco G. The track ‘ole man’ was selected on the yearly compilation CD ‘Québec Émergent 2007’ as well as on the TEA South Compilation Volume 11.

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Jason Campbell (featuring Signal Hill)

jason-campbellTEA Volume 13 compilaton artist Jason Cambell (featuring Signal Hill) is a four-piece acoustic guitar based band with strong emphasis on four part vocal harmony. Hailing from Newfoundland, Canada, this band is currently revered throughout the country as the quintessential East Coast group. This has been achieved by expanding their repertoire beyond that of standard traditional songs to a repertoire celebrating music across the decades and genres. Their arrangements are now woven into the fabric of east Canadian culture. They play to packed houses across Canada from four to seven nights a week all year round. Jason Campbell is the principal lead vocalist with a range spanning over three octaves. He is a songwriter and business manager for the band. His singing style and song writing are unique while clearly influenced by Sam Cooke, Elton John and the Beatles. Often playing piano and guitar simultaneously while singing Jason is a born showman who owns every song he sings.

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Mr. Completely

mr-completelyTEA Volume 9 compilation artists Mr. Completely embody a blend of old school rock, pop and blues-based rock which is full-bodied, emotive and, most importantly, entertaining. Mr. Completely have opened for Nazareth, Honeymoon Suite and Trooper. The song “Walk Away” nabbed a nomination for song of the year at the 5th annual Island Music Awards. Mr. Completely’s “Without Warning” video took first place honors in the Canadian International Film Festival. Toronto Experimental Artists tapped Mr. Completely for its compilation CD, slated for an August release 2008. Shows are being planned and touring is expected for Canada and the United States in the coming months.

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Daisy Debolt

daisy-deboltWe are saddened to report that Daisy Debolt has passed away from cancer at the age of 62. TEA Volume 7 compilation artist and showcase performer Daisy DeBolt is Canada’s queen of avant-garde. “Folk Diva” is an apt title for someone with a career that’s spanned over forty years in the Canadian music business, from those very first coffee houses, to acclaim with the first superstar Canadian group, Fraser & DeBolt, to the large and small festivals that dot the Canadian summer landscape. Daisy has a voice that can blast its way through the gloom, that can, soar, dip, and dive with the same emotional charge and excitement today as back in those early continent-hopping beginnings, has stunned audiences and critics alike. Her performance at the Rivoli TEA Summer Showcase left the audience mezmorized and wanting more. She garners REPECT!

“The most astonishing, dynamic vocalist in the entire galaxy”

“The voice of an enraged angel, shatters Plexiglas and melts frozen hearts” – OTTAWA CITIZEN

“Daisy DeBolt delivers with the resonant thunder of her voice”

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