Bob Rylett

Bob Rylett - TEA Volumes 12 & 13TEA Volume 12 & 13 compilation artist Bob Rylett takes songwriting to new heights. His songs are honest, truthful, genuine and hopeful. As a storyteller he is prolific and dangerous, surprisingly honest and insatiably curious about life. He sings of lust filled angels and repenting devils. He sings of peace with a knife and the cowardly bully. He sings of revenge against teachers and preachers and chance. He sings of lust and life and loss and luck. He sings of the love of truth and the lies of hate. He sings about you and about me.

Root Cellar Records comment on Bob’s recording…”Things turned out much the same when I took him into the studio. The intention was simply to run a few takes of songs, so we could see what we liked and figure out what to do with it. But he got right down to work just as soon as engineer Rick Salt finished setting him up in a booth. No messin’ and no stopping. No repeats and no second tries. Just one song after another. That’s what he does. That’s how he works. That’s what we captured.” Listen to Bob’s songs here.

Bob is living his dream writing, recording and performing on the road. Check out Bob Rylett on A Channel News.

Listen to Bob Rylett

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