Dream Trance Invasion (D.T.I.) are soon to release a new surprise single each month starting July 2016. Great new music from DTI is ready for release. Stay tuned for more TEA news and Dream Trance Invasion. DTI will be featuring many guest artists on most single releases.


Dream Trance Invasion

Dream Trance Invasion, aka DTI, have been very busy in the studio these past couple of months putting the final touches on new single releases due out in the coming weeks. DTI continue to explore new sounds and combinations to expand on their existing palette of ambient progressive rock. Their newer material explores darker, esoteric topics while remaining true to their laid back vibe. Expect to hear echoes of jazz and odes to New Wave as well. Some tracks have already had previews on various TEA South volumes. This has led to one of those songs – Find You Soon – being in rotation at college radio.

True to exploring and expanding, they have recruited Karl Machat into the fold. Karl mastered DTI’s self titled debut album. After finding out Karl was as skillful with keys as he was with his mastering chops, he was incorporated into their line up. His contributions add a new dimension to DTI’s sound.

This new collection builds on the heady combination of edgy metal riffs and ambient vibes laid on top of steady and solid grooves of the first album. That foundation allowed DTI to explore and deliver a wide range of moods and textures from Mazzy Star, Radiohead to Pink Floyd chill out . This tradition continues on this latest single release “Hearts to the Flame”.

DTI were also privileged to have worked with the very talented guest musicians Alissa Vox Raw, Meghan Morrison and Jessica Spaziale on this new release. DTI music is recorded like before at TEA South studios. Using the resources and instruments available, the DTI combine an organic balance between live instruments and synthesized sounds. The single “Hearts to the Flame” is now available at iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and many other online music distribution locations.

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Dream Trance Invasion Line Up

Clay Phillips – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Synths

Karl Machat – Keys, Bass, Accordion and Synths

Phil Perrone – Drums and Percussion

Kaye Pauli – Bass

Special Guests

Tija Coules – Vocals

Mike Field – Trumpet

Meghan Morrison – Lead Vocals and Co-Writing

Alissa Vox Raw – Vocals

Jessica Speziale – Vocals


The History of TEA

teaminiBroken Pencil Review – Terrence Dick

TEA (Toronto Experimental Artists) began with label guys Clay Phillips and Mark Harrington over 17 years ago, “TEA Artists and musicians pooled themselves together with their resources and skills to help promote their works in an affordable way. Pooled resources include many of the TEA services today: recording, mastering, graphic design, photography, radio promotion, film/TV placement, record label development, CD manufacturing, compilation CDs, consulting etc. When we first began to work together, we found it difficult to make it cost effective for the independent musician. Over time we grew and began consulting independent artists in the many different directions they can go, with affordable packages tailored to suit their needs and budget. TEA prides itself in being an artist friendly community that can help connect artists together and bring them what they may need or want, and help develop their own connections in the industry.”

tea-v-131“TEA Compilations began with bringing artists together with the intention of creating a buzz in all areas of the media – radio, print, film, internet and live performance,” says Phillips “Many compilations today are just music convention mail bag fodder at very expensive pricing with no follow up for the artists. The main reason for our compilations is the sense of community it can bring for all involved. A chance to share, hear feedback and receive much needed information for artist growth and connectivity within the industry. TEA has had some great successes at radio, print media and film with most comps hitting the charts and getting great reviews. Strong artists on our comps have included: Andrew Spice & Emm Gryner, Car Bombs & Allah, David William, Mike Criscione, Robbie Cooper, Little Sunday, Unit 731, Daisy DeBolt, Jill Jack, Power Boxx and many others.”

As for Toronto Experimental Artists, Phillips says: “Anyone can submit music to us for our compilations, but that doesn’t mean it will make it on. We seek out good music on the internet we feel very passionate about. The range of music on our comps is usually: pop, rock, blues, hip-hop, R&B, folk, electronica, ambient, acoustic, experimental, and singer/songwriter.

49 Parallels

TEA Volume 15 artists 49 Parellels grace the TEA Volume 15 compilation CD with down to earth passion. A little info……….. Musician since an early age, it was obvious Norman Ribidoux’s destiny would be making music for a living. A long career has graced his life & this new production & band members triggered a wave of creation named 49 Parallels. Using all the tools in his bag of knowledge, sat down behind the producer’s desk & got working on new material with the help of some phenomenal musicians & friends. Multi-instrumentalist, Engineer, Producer, that is what he is made of, a none stop whirlwind of ideas & creative approaches.He is the personification of persistence & dedication to his art. Simple in his action & life, he calls it like it is,,, true blue to his nature, enjoying his little acreage in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia with his wife and faithful dogs. What a life.

49 Parralel members are…

Jeff Wilcox (guitars) one of the more seasoned players in the Okanagan. Jeff’s bands have opened for greats such as Long John Baldry, Helix, Nazareth, Prisim, Trooper, The Powder Blues, members of Kiss (Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer) the list goes on.

Laura Robidoux’s (keyboards) very first contact with the music industry happened when she met Norman. From then on it was her main goal in life, to hold her post in 49 Parallels, and she does it with a touch of brilliance & finesse.

David Mihal (Drums) – David is a drummer with many years of professional experience, having toured and recorded with many Canadian/US artists, including the great Canadian jazz pianist Oliver Jones, Juno nominee Rita Chiarelli, Stacey Heydon of David Bowie and Iggy Pop fame, Refugee/Myles Hunter, Shawne Jackson, Ken Hamilton Show (Las Vegas/NYC) and many others.

A 25 year veteran of award winning bands, Jim Leduc (bass) spent many years performing and recording in the bluegrass/country music industry with along list of credits to his name. He was a member of the award winning band “Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Boys” who were two time winners of the BCCMA “Bluegrass Performers of the Year”.

Trevor Davies

TEA Volume 15 artist Trevor Davies brings Nostalgia to the TEA Volume 15 compilation release. Trevor is currently performing in the Toronto area. Check out listings and Blog for more information. Born in Winnipeg Manitoba, in 1987, Trevor Davies has spent his entire life as an independent musician on Vancouver Island. Largely self-taught on guitar and vocals, he fronted a rock band at fourteen which performed some original material and performed near his home town in the Cowichan Valley. As his songwriting developed, a more adventurous group called Freedom Toast was formed. Here began his passion for both improvisation and ideas in music…

The teenage experimental band released two professional recordings and played hundreds of shows including the Islands Folk Festival, VIEX, and other gigs typically reserved for grown-ups.

Trevor maintains a deep interest in literature and language. He has written many poems, short stories, articles and essays, some of which have been published. Some of which have become songs. He has also written and directed several films and worked as director and musical director in theatrical productions.

In 2005, Trevor enrolled in jazz performance at Vancouver Island University, where he studied with some of the best musicians in Canada, including: Buff Allen, Ken Lister, Greg Bush, Bryan Stovell, Myron Makepeace and jazz-guitar jedi Pat Coleman. Trevor has performed with such talented performer/musicians as Ian Finkel, Ken Lavigne, The Nylons and the Victoria Symphony Orchestra. Commercial work as a guitarist locally and on cruise ships around the world has resulted in a certain musical versatility and a growing vocabulary of styles. Through a constant exposure to music, Trevor also plays bass, drums, piano and trumpet to respective extents.

Trevor is currently promoting his first “solo” release (with full band), entitled Vanity Press. It is comprised mainly of material that has been accumulating for several years. The title is a reflection of the self-produced nature of Davies’ career. These song-poems are based in personal experience and love, and are strongly influenced by external works of art. They betray a fascination with wordplay, people, nature, and the simplicity (yet depth) of pop music. Over the years, and definitively with this release, the focus of Trevor’s music has shifted from the group collaboration of a jam band to composition and language, with an emphasis on elegance, authenticity, and personal emotive forces. Trevor is currently performing in the Toronto area. You can check out his show listings and Blog for more information.

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