marthas-troubles1TEA(Toronto Experimental Artists) Canada is a venture geared towards the growth, discovery and recognition of emerging and developing songwriting and performing talent. We are a small independent venture without any outrageous promotional costs, and we like to consider ourselves an artist friendly service, that supplies cost effective resources that enhance the growth and development of independent artists and labels.

Whether you are in a rock band looking for publicity and exposure or someone who creates music as a hobby, we can help you. We welcome all musical artists of any age or genre that want to share their music with other artists and various groups in the music industry. We can promote your current or past musical projects to radio, film, TV, internet, labels, and print media. We have many radio and film promotion packages available to meet the needs and budgets of any artist. Contact us for a free consultation about any services you may need or questions you have about the direction you may want to go in the music industry. We are very passionate about music, production and promotion. We take great pride in assisting artists and labels in any way that we can.



An open invitation exists to artists in the Toronto area and other regions of the world, to get in touch, share ideas, participate in collaborative works, and form a community. We are presently not producing our TEA Compilation series and live showcases. We hope to return to the compilation series in the future depending on artist needs and demands. We will continue to leave up all TEA artist reviews, links, posts and media associated with TEA Compilations and showcases.