Dennis Mouck

TEA Volume 15 artist Dennis Mouck offers up a minimalistic approach to songwriting with his honest melodic offering “Back To You” featured on the TEA Volume 15 compilation release. Dennis Mouck is your typical closet musician. Leave him in a back room with a guitar and a note pad and that is where he finds tranquility. For years, his songs remained hidden, as he continuously played for the masses of the walls and creeks and cracks that surrounded him. Over time, Dennis amassed a repertoire of songs that even he couldn’t hold on to and protect forever. It became apparent to Dennis and to the people who were fortunate enough to be exposed to his sonic enterprise, that these songs needed to be set free. Dennis entered the studio with the goal of turning these simple sketches into full blown works of art and bring a voice to the songs that had such humble beginnings.

Inspired by sonic landscapes, lyrical melodies and musical exploration, Dennis builds off of his acoustic guitar and vocal and blends the sounds of the past, present and future to provide the listener a place both familiar and unique to explore and enjoy.

Making of ‘In the Goldilocks Zone’

The digital age has been a bittersweet pill to swallow for Dennis. He is an advocate of the new anarchic wonderful reality of music that exists, where anything is possible and everyone has access; however, the bitter part for Dennis is that the real time element of going to the record store and buying that record, CD or tape with the excitement of getting home to listen to it appears to be disappearing. That tangible excitement is slowly dying in the current press a button, like or dislike, reality that now exists.

In this vain, Dennis thought he’d open his bucket list and blindly pull out what came first. Dennis decided to make a record in homage to the albums that were so pivotal to who he became as a person.

He had a repertoire of about a dozen songs written and ready for an audience. Searching extensively for a studio in order to find a home for his songs, Dennis met with James Pew of Euphonic Sound, a recording studio that offers full involvement with the production and promotion process under the title of Studio 2.0. James allowed Dennis to have unlimited studio time with a production team in order to help make the album that Dennis envisioned. He also brought in a multi-instrumentalist percussionist by the name of Adam Campbell to co-produce, help arrange and play many of the instruments on the record. Dennis focused on his acoustic guitar and voice, which were the building blocks of his songs while Adam, and James built around these seemingly humble beginnings.

They then began, piecing it all together, bit by bit. As a music hobbyist, Dennis was like a kid in a candy store, doing what he always dreamed of doing with musicians of the highest caliber supporting him. His team of musicians also included the services of Sean Daley on Bass guitar, a Euphonic Sound in-house bass player/producer. Also, for one fine afternoon, Dennis had the services of Maneli Jamal, who may be the finest acoustic guitar player this side of the 49th parallel and beyond.

As for the music on In the Goldilocks Zone, the songs are reflections of Dennis’s experiences and thoughts. They span from his early adult life away from home to life as a married man who spends as much time following interest rates as he does playing the guitar. However, Dennis uses songwriting as an escape from elements of the world around him. In song, he finds a friend and he feels that if he writes a good enough song, it becomes a friend who understands him. It is his ambition to share these songs in an attempt to help others with music, the way music has helped him.