Katelyn Dawn – Discovery Channel Special

TEA Volume 10 and 14 artist Katelyn Dawn will be going to Hollywood to film Discovery Channel Special , “An Evening With The New Centurians”. More information below…

Environmentalist David Suzuki’s Discovery Channel Special, ‘AN EVENING WITH THE NEW CENTURIONS’, is an engaging 90-minute special about our global future and the steps needed to repair years of neglect. It premiers Saturday, April 17 at 7 p.m. Central/5 p.m. PT on Discovery HD. Classic Hollywood TV Producer Bernie Rothman creates the Discovery Channel Special. Manitoba’s own Katelyn Dawn shines with a glamorous performance opening the show!

AN EVENING WITH THE NEW CENTURIONS pays tribute to the youth of today’s “Y” generation whose actions help mobilize our society to make positive changes. For more information on The New Centurions:


Katelyn Dawn, who recently moved to Toronto to pursue a music career following Canadian Idol spent some time in Los Angeles, California filming the upcoming Discovery Channel show, which was filmed at the Canadian Consul General’s Residence. “It was an honor to perform in front of so many people who are passionate about our environment, something I also care very deeply about.”

This discovery channel special airs on the eve of Katelyn’s upcoming self-titled album release, which has just been pre-released on her website and will soon be available on iTunes and other record and online stores across the country.

Check her myspace for more details on upcoming performances and new songs from the EP!