Showcase Video Interviews 2009

srn-mediaworks23SRN Mediaworks have been working very hard to complete the TEA Summer Showcase Video Interviews that were recorded on Saturday July 18, 2009 at the TEA Summer Showcase. You can view each interview by going to SRN Television a dedicated TEA Showcase web portal. TEA Summer Showcase 2009 performing artists from right to left are…Johnny Shoes, Katelyn Dawn, Outspoken, Power Boxx, Tribe 11 and The Weak Need.

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Rivoli Showcase 2009

rivoli-logoTEA Showcase 2009 was another fantastic show at the Rivoli with a gracious and friendly group of performers. This showcase featured TEA artists Katelyn Dawn, Matthew de Zoete, Power Boxx, The Weak Need, Outspoken, Johnny Shoes and Tribe 11. The feedback from the audience regarding this group of performers was amazing. Everyone had a brilliant performance. You can view video interviews of the showcase performers at SRN Television.


OUTSPOKEN 1OutspokenOutspokenOutspoken

Johnny Shoes

Johnny ShoesJohnny ShoesJohnny ShoesJohnny Shoes

Power Boxx

Power BoxxPower BoxxPower BoxxPower Boxx

The Weak Need

The Weak NeedThe Weak NeedThe Weak NeedThe Weak Need

Katelyn Dawn

Katelyn DawnKatelyn DawnKatelyn DawnKatelyn Dawn

Tribe 11

Tribe 11Tribe 11Tribe 11Tribe 11

Matthew de Zoete

Matthew de ZoeteMatthew de ZoeteMatthew de ZoeteMatthew de Zoete

Dedicated Showcase Website on

at-sign1SRN Mediaworks have created a dedicated website to feature the TEA Summer Showcase 2009 and all performers. SRN and TEA South have now completed artist interviews, recording live audio, video and photography. SRN will be airing the showcase to radio in the months to come. A big thank you goes out to Phillip Hong and his staff for all of their hard work in creating this website, and preparations to feature the Showcase and all performers. You can now view posted pics of the TEA Summer Showcase 2009 at the TEA Gallery where we archive all TEA showcases.

The latest update and progress for the dedicated TEA Showcase website at SRN has already come in from Phillip Hong and we look forward to seeing and hearing the completed media project in the near future…

1. Editing the video interviews so all six performers interviewed will have a chance to publicize what they have done over this past weekend. All video interviews have now been completed at SRN Television.
2. Update the website to reflect post-concert mood and design a template so photos and video can be easily assessed from there. Web pages now completed.
3. Update auxiliary web pages that relate to the concert (SRN Television for example). Completed.
4. I will confirm with Mike (Broadcasting) about an air date and time for the Showcase. Date confirmed for Saturday October 31, 2009 at 12pm. Christmas dates will be posted soon.


OUTSPOKEN 23TEA Volume 10 compilation artists Outspoken are a pop-punk band with a twist of alternative indie-rock. They are one of those independent bands that help fans fall back in love with music as they stay in tune with themselves and their dreams. They stand out in the scene today, not just for their musicianship, talent and dedication, but their business aspect/grasp of the industry.

Outspoken have accomplished a great deal while doing everything themselves; no management, just four determined musicians. They have been featured in two international and domestic magazines, Canada’s Faze Magazine and Germany’s Outspoken Magazine, along with being on three international domestic CD compilations {HIV Yellow Head Comp, Pop-Punk Comp, and TEA Volume 10}.

Outspoken have also managed to get their latest CD “Hear We Go”… released in HMV record stores across the country. They have also put together a show themselves, where they played with whom they call rock stars , The Ataris and are having, what is said to be an amazing show with GOB this month. Their next goal is to be a part of the Vans Warped Tour line up. Outspoken played a high energy set at the TEA Summer Showcase at the Rivoli on Saturday July 18, 2009 which was outstanding.

Listen to Outspoken