Mr. Completely

mr-completelyTEA Volume 9 compilation artists Mr. Completely embody a blend of old school rock, pop and blues-based rock which is full-bodied, emotive and, most importantly, entertaining. Mr. Completely have opened for Nazareth, Honeymoon Suite and Trooper. The song “Walk Away” nabbed a nomination for song of the year at the 5th annual Island Music Awards. Mr. Completely’s “Without Warning” video took first place honors in the Canadian International Film Festival. Toronto Experimental Artists tapped Mr. Completely for its compilation CD, slated for an August release 2008. Shows are being planned and touring is expected for Canada and the United States in the coming months.

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Daisy Debolt

daisy-deboltWe are saddened to report that Daisy Debolt has passed away from cancer at the age of 62. TEA Volume 7 compilation artist and showcase performer Daisy DeBolt is Canada’s queen of avant-garde. “Folk Diva” is an apt title for someone with a career that’s spanned over forty years in the Canadian music business, from those very first coffee houses, to acclaim with the first superstar Canadian group, Fraser & DeBolt, to the large and small festivals that dot the Canadian summer landscape. Daisy has a voice that can blast its way through the gloom, that can, soar, dip, and dive with the same emotional charge and excitement today as back in those early continent-hopping beginnings, has stunned audiences and critics alike. Her performance at the Rivoli TEA Summer Showcase left the audience mezmorized and wanting more. She garners REPECT!

“The most astonishing, dynamic vocalist in the entire galaxy”

“The voice of an enraged angel, shatters Plexiglas and melts frozen hearts” – OTTAWA CITIZEN

“Daisy DeBolt delivers with the resonant thunder of her voice”

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TEA V 13 Release

teav13The release date for TEA Volume 13 will be February 20, 2009. All CDs, press packages and participant packages will be mailed out on this date. We are very excited and we anticipate a very good response from media for TEA Volume 13. Thank you to everyone for helping us move the release date ahead of schedule. If you do not receive your package within 14 days of the release date please contact us.