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Toronto Star Review – Car Bombs & Allah – TEA Volume 4

Car Bombs & Allah – John Terauds “What’s On Editor” The Toronto Star

This new indie rock band sounds like it leans toward emo – except that it’s named Car Bombs & Allah. That would imply a sound that’s a bit more, uh, explosive. Either way, it’s not a name anyone can overlook these days. “I got flack from my girlfriend, from my mother and even from the guy who recorded our EP” says the bands guitarist/vocalist/harmonica player Cory Thibodeau . “I could just as well have called the band “The United States of America Supports Democracy Worldwide.'” “It’s just so absurd, equating God with car bombs. It just doesn’t fit,” says Thibodeau, commenting as much on current affairs as on every artist’s need to get noticed in a sea of choices.

On the phone from his home base in Ottawa, Thibodeau turns out to be a smart, affable guy. He also reveals that Car Bombs & Allah is very much a work-in-progress. He has, bass player Scott Badour and new drummer Isaac McFaul bringing their fledgling outfit to town tonight as part of a showcase of emerging musicians/bands at the Reverb Room & Holy Joe’s. Car Bombs & Allah shines on TEA Volume 4’s second track, with the song “North American Suntan”

Thibodeau says he recently received an email from a man in Washington D.C., who had been turned onto Car Bombs & Allah by an ad on the music website Pitchfork. “I don’t know what it is in Canadian water?,” Thidodeau quotes the man as saying, “but you have amazing rock up there.” The water must also flow through Ottawa, if Car Bombs and Allah is any indication. For more on the band, visit

John Terauds editor The Toronto Star – sample portion of review